Motocaddy M3 Pro golf trolley Review

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  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
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  • Pros

    Looks great, folds down more compact than most electric trolleys, easy to transport and packed full of useful features.

  • Cons

    The assembly process is time consuming. One of the more expensive electric trolleys on the market.

  • RRP £449.99

What we say...

Motocaddy’s new top-of-the-range electric trolley for 2014 boasts the same frame and compact-folding design as its predecessor, the M1 Pro, but now has a host of features taken from the popular S3 Pro model. These include a five-minute “lost ball” timer, round timer, clock and battery meter, plus a full-colour digital screen with multiple distance readings. The M3 Pro features Motocaddy’s Easilock technology – a connection system that removes the need for a lower bag strap. A digital screen lets you set a security pin code. There’s also an integrated accessory station and an inbuilt cradle designed to hold GPS devices that can also be powered from a USB charging port. The 230w motor has nine speeds. 

The handle height on the M3 Pro is adjustable. It’s full of features, yet folds down compactly. Motocaddy’s new Easilock bag attachment system removes the need for a bottom bungee strap and stops the bag twisting or tilting when pushing the trolley over uneven terrain.

Watch our video review of the Motocaddy M3 Pro golf trolley above.

As reviewed in our Trolley Test 2014, tested by Howard Boylan (Handicap 4) – winner of our Gold Award: 
Luckily I can count to five so it only takes a few goes to get used to the folding frame. I recommend having a practice at home first before embarrassing yourself in the golf club car park. I’ve found you can switch the order slightly and still erect it relatively quickly. I like the gadgets on the display, the 5-60 yard roll and stop is really handy and accurate. Measuring your drive is made easy thanks to the easy-to-navigate control station, I found the information really useful. On the first outing, the 36-hole lithium battery lasted pretty much two rounds, conking out 200 yards short of the 18th green on round two, but it has been better since. The twin bar design proved really sturdy for keeping your bag centred on the frame. I love the Easilock system, it’s effective and does away with the tedious bottom strap and saves my ailing back. Other trolleys I’ve tried tilting the bag causes the trolley to steer with the tilt, which can be annoying, but not with the M3 Pro. One thing I don’t like is how parts of the frame rub together when it’s folded, so over time the paint comes off.

Details: Available in black or white frames. RRP from £449.99 with 18-hole lead-acid battery, £599.99 with 18-hole Lithium battery and £649.99 with a 36-hole lithium battery.

Product Information

Battery typeLead acid and lithium
USB CapabilityYes
Yardage calculatorYes
Battery indicatorYes
Distance settingYes

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