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This is a great price for a brand name trolley but it isn’t just about the name. The S3 Lite features a small LCD display giving distance measurement, lost-ball timer and clock powered by a couple of AA batteries. This is a neat touch from Motocaddy and gives an added dimension to a push trolley – we certainly haven’t seen anything like it before. Elsewhere we liked the valuables or food/beverage bag on the base of the trolley and the sturdy frame and bag straps, which proved extremely robust.

What we don’t like

The frame of the S3 Lite is the same as the excellent S1 Pro and S3 Pro electric trolleys and while this means it is sturdy it also means it doesn’t fold up as small as other push carts because it was originally designed to house a battery tray and motor. It still easily fits in a car boot and its unique features along with the excellent price make it very easy to see past what is only a small issue.

Motocaddy have unveiled their new S3 Lite push trolley - and it features a digital display.

The trolley is the first push trolley from a major manufacturer to feature a digital display and offers a distance-measing function, round timer, clock and a function to tell how far you've walked during the course of a round.

Based on the frame design of the popular Motocaddy S1 Lite, the trolley features the exclusive S-Series folding system that locks together when folded. The lightweight aluminium frame weighs only 6kg and comes with quick-release wheels and a foot-operated parking brake.

Other features of the cart include a removable insulated food and drink pouch that sits between the rear wheels, as well as fully adjustable bag supports.

The S3 Lite, which comes in Black, has an RRP of £129.99 and will be available from March 2012.

Weight: 5.9kg

Contact: 0845 058 9818

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