Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley Review

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  • TG Rating 4.2 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 2 out of 5
  • Pros

    Simple to use, quick to charge and looks good. Feels sturdy with good build quality.

  • Cons

    Hard to tell if the locking mechanism when you fold it up is properly locked in.

  • RRP £399.99

What we say...

The Motocaddy S3 Pro now comes with innovative Quikfold mechanism. Features a sliding catch that activates the mechanism and locks the trolley once it’s up or down and takes no more than five seconds to do. The S3 Pro has lost ball and round timers plus a CartLock security device which lets you set a pin code to activate the motor. Same features and digital display as the M3 Pro trolley, including battery meter, USB charging port, distance measurements and Easilock bag support.

As reviewed in our Trolley Test 2014, tested by Andy Calton (Handicap 14) – winner of our Bronze Award: 
The functionality was very intuitive; I had no problems using the distance functions. The Easilock feature, which requires the matching Motocaddy bag, is a welcome addition. It’s easy to screw the pins in, slide the bag on and it stops the bag rotating during a round. I was worried about the pins coming loose over time, but this hasn’t happened so far. The 36-hole battery does what it says on the tin… just! I played 36 holes in a day and it conked out walking off the 36th hole despite the battery gauge showing plenty of life left.

Motocaddy bill this as the world’s most feature-packed trolley and we have to agree. It’s like a laptop on wheels. The colour screen is excellent and was bright enough not to be overly affected by glare from the sun. The functions are too lengthy to list here but we loved the battery indicator, distance setting, distance measuring, security pin code, lost ball timer and round timer options. And the really great thing about the S3 Pro is that even with all those functions you don’t need a computer science degree to operate it.

Like the S1 Pro it also comes with a handy USB port should your phone or GPS device need charging during a round while the lithium battery option means the trolley can be folded down with the battery still in place.

There is simply not a great deal to dislike. Admittedly, with the lithium battery option this is an expensive option and may very well be out of the reach of many. Similar to the S1 Pro, the folding mechanism isn’t the easiest to operate but it is still very straightforward so this is nit-picking of the highest order.

If there is a better electric trolley out there we haven’t seen it yet. There is no doubt its price tag is on the expensive side, but if you don’t want all this functionality then go for the S1 Pro or a mid-market option. This is a very impressive package.

Product Information

Battery typeLithium
USB CapabilityYes
Yardage calculatorYes
Battery indicatorYes
Distance settingYes

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Motocaddy Electric Trolleys User Reviews

  • 2 out of 5 Mixed feelings

    By Roamin

    In general the trolley works carrying your bag around .. but so do other trollies. But this trolley does have issues, namely its very difficult to see whether the motor drive is on or off. The thin 1cm diameter dark blue circle against a black background with just one SMALL segment rotating when on power is on is almost impossible to see in daylight ... be OK for night golfing but haven't got round to trying that yet.Gives rise to interesting issues such as chasing your trolley downhill when it 'walks off' by itself. Been a close thing several times with water. The same knob being used for both changing speed and switching drive on/off is a major part of the problem .. its very sensitive and easily switched on/off whilst changing speed .. It's OK when you use it on a nice boring flat course but once it starts getting hilly these issues raise their ugly heads. These issues just shouldn't be there with such an expensive trolley. It does JUST get around 36 holes on a recent full charge (new battery) .. but heck .... the batteries are EXPENSIVE!!!!