Powakaddy Freeway II Golf Trolley Review

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Think back to 1983 – Maggie Thatcher won her second general election, Bjorn Borg retired and Microsoft Word was launched. But 1983 was also the year when PowaKaddy produced its first electric trolley. Twenty six years on, they’ve launched the latest addition to the family in the form of the Freeway II golf trolley.

If looks could kill
One thing many of you will notice about most trolleys, especially without a bag on them, is that they look as sturdy as a drunk anorexic. But the Powakaddy Freeway II is different. The swanky elliptical frame has obviously been designed with good looks in mind and it’s fitted with awesome new sport wheels as standard. And, you can also buy wide wheels as an extra. We’ve also heard a whisper the FW II might be available in white – we’ll keep you posted!

Controlling interest
One of the things we love the most about the new Powakaddy Freeway II golf trolley is the Playstation/Xbox-esque handle. The soft-to-touch power pad has an integral multi-function control pad and display which features a distance-measuring facility. The Digital Distance Function lets the golfer set the trolley to travel a certain distance in front of you, and then stop. You can set the trolley to distances of 10, 20 or 30 yards.

Assemble with ease
TG Equipment Editor Jon Greathead is an electric trolley virgin and a DIY muppet, but even he managed to get the trolley into working order quickly. The battery sits neatly between the two wheels and the Lithium option weighs just 2.5kg, 75 per cent lighter than standard. The trolley packs down neatly too and will fit into the smallest of car boots.

Silence is golden
Noisy electric trolleys are about as appealing as a warm pint of lager – happily, the new FWII features a hidden 200 watt motor which not only sets the product gliding over all sorts of taxing terrain but does so without making a racket.

Like Ricky Hatton at fight-time…
The Freeway II is incredibly sturdy, but also pretty light too. The chassis is made of ultra-lightweight aluminium so the perennial problem of breaking your back lugging your trolley out of the boot is happily a thing of the past.

Okay, so how much?
The basic FWII with a Lead acid 18-hole battery will set you back £449. The Powakaddy Freeway II golf trolley with a Lead acid 36-hole battery will cost £479, while the brilliant Lithium battery option will retail at £699. Expect the Powakaddy Freeway II to hit the shops at Easter.

2009, Updated Model - Review

What’s the score?
The FW II is an update of the massively popular Freeway trolley, which has been around for a lengthy period of time. PowaKaddy have long been one of the pillars of the electric trolley society and the latest addition, which comes some 26 years after the very first PowaKaddy, looks just as solid as previous offerings.

What do we think?
The first thing to say is that, because it’s a PowaKaddy, it has a massive reputation based on pure quality. The FWII is no exception. The elliptical frame is sturdy and solid, as well as being easy on the eye. We like the easy-to-use control panel and the cool console-esque handle. The FWII is fitted with a distance-measuring facility, as well as a Digital Distance Function which allows the golfer to set the trolley to travel a distance of 10, 20 or 30 yards. And one gem that we nearly missed was that the FWII folds down completely, even when the super-light lithium battery is still in place. Awesome.

If you want the trolley with a lithium battery it will cost £749.

See new, white version....

Contact: 01795 473555
Website: www.powakaddy.com

Market-leading trolley-maker PowaKaddy hits back with a leaner, meaner and easy-to-assemble dream machine - The Powakaddy Freeway II Golf Trolley...

Your Reviews

Powakaddy Electric Trolleys User Reviews

  • 1 out of 5 Extremely dissapointing product and after sales care.

    By BJ

    I bought one of these, What a mistake !!! I paid over £400 for the Freeway 2 and it came with a faulty charger. (The pro exchanged it but said "We've had a few of these") I used it for almost a year but through ill health couldn't play for a year. Despite following the manufacturer instructions regarding battery care, it failed when I tried to use it so I bought another thinking it was just one of those things. Shortly after starting to play again the gearbox failed so I bought another and fitted it. Cheap plastic too soft for its purpose is used for the drive cog but you can't buy another, you have to replace the whole gearbox. Within three months the gearbox (drive cog) went again. It was never under heavy load so it clearly wasn't fit for purpose. I contacted Powakaddy and despite having completed less than thirty rounds, they weren't interested. It's out of warranty was all they would say. I therefore fitted a third. Six months later the charger stopped working, I bought another. A week after that the drive axle snapped. (A common, recognised fault but Powakaddy still deny responsibility) They do however sell a modified shaft which I bought and fitted. My trolley now won't complete a round without cutting out due to a controller fault. Having discontinued producing new controllers, they advise you to: "Buy the handle conversion kit complete with new style controller" All common faults yet Powakaddy don't seem to care. I have spent over £700 in buying and repairing this trolley and will never buy another. I have however taken some pleasure in talking two people out of buying a Powakaddy and will continue to do so, as will others I know who have had similar, if not all the problems I have experienced. Get your act together Powakaddy before a once good name gets known as the "Skoda" of electric trolleys. (Sorry! that is an insult to Skoda who at least are working on their quality of product and after sales care!!!).

  • 1 out of 5 Not good

    By airoil

    After one season I must say that this is not good. Speed varies and specially after downhill it can even stop and you must wait it to gather speed again. Your company is then far away and you must increase speed to catch others. During season the battery has run empty three times during a little longer 18 course (playing from backtee). Gearbox is changed already once. Cannot recommend!

  • 1 out of 5 Things have got worse!!

    By colin.johnson67@btinternet.com

    Since my last review the wheel axel shattered within th edrive unit mid-way through a round of golf leaving me having to carry my trolley bag for the last few holes (I was playing in a scratch county competition so could not have my clubs carried for me by an official) (the official took the bits & pieces of my trolley back to the clubhouse).  Having spoken to others since who have the Freeway 2 i am not alone.  One guy has had 2 wheel axels snap on him. Trolley is currently back with Powakaddy for the 3rd time since purchase (and 6th time with PK repairer) within 14 months. Not impressed!

  • 1 out of 5 Rubbish - don't buy

    By colin.johnson67@btinternet.com

    I upgrade from a Powakaddy Classic Legend last July, thought the Freeway 2 would do the job as it says all the right things - how wrong I have been!! As with all other reviewers there are numerous problems with this model. The speed settings are rubbish. I had the original speed unit where 4 was too slow and 5 was too fast.  the trolley had its own mind and would either suddenly stop when moving or start up while you are either playing your shot or putting on the green. So off it went to the Powakaddy repair specialist - the control unit was replaced.  The trolley now actually works when I want it to HOWEVER, it is now necessary to have the speed on 8 or 9 at all times and if you have to go up a hill you have to push it.  FYI - I am using Powakaddy's own trolley bag and without any of the pockets full with waterproofs as I only use my trolley in the summer. I have been told by the repairer that Powakaddy accept that the average person should walk on speed setting 6.  Effectively there is a scale of 1-9 of speeds but Powakaddy have designed it so that 1-5 are redundant - why? The new Distance function is operated by holding the On\Off switch for 3 seconds and then scrolling down a list on the screen and selecting the distance - bring back the Distance button from previous models which required 1,2 or 3 clicks within a split second to operate In summary, if you want a Powakaddy, buy one of the older models with the rotating speed control as you get an instant speed change and has a wide enough speed range.  I have spoken to a number of people with Freeway 2's and given the choice they would never have bought it.  Having also had a lengthy conversation with the official Powakaddy repair specialist he says he has had more complaints about this trolley than any other on the market.

  • 1 out of 5 Disappointed in Dorset

    By Pomeroy

    Bought one of these things a few weeks ago.  It has  been back for repair three times,  once for a new gearbox.   The plus points:     -  looks good.........................................................!!!   The minus points: - badly balanced and tips backwards easily                                   - slow response time when starting/stopping                                   - unnecessarily complex controls - information overload.                                   - unpredictable when preset to go 10, 20 or 30 yards - have ended up in bunkers (trolley                                             that is!) when set  - 30 yards is worst                                   - stop/start button has a mind of its own and works only when the mood takes it.                                     Ocasionally it will start with one touch, but usually two or even three                                  - not easy to get the correct speed - level 5 is about right for me, but then it might take off                                    like a rocket or simply stop.  I probably need about 5 1/2.   I do not recommend the product.

  • 1 out of 5 Don't purchase one of these

    By spyke5

    I'm on my third Powakaddy in a month and still have the same problems as the other two readers, now my clock has ceased working. Take my advice don't buy one of these, invest in something much more reliable. (Market leaders I don't think so!)

  • 1 out of 5 Freeway 11

    By cjc5548

    Purchased my Freeway 11 in June , having the same problems. Screen mists up, speed control is bad, select 4 and you are just about moving, select 5 and above and you start running. The gearbox housing came loose resulting in the need for a new one. Back twice to the service agent. Powakaddy are to charge you £19 to fix the speed problem. (enhancement !!!!) As for customer service, Powakkaddy do not understand the word, lucky if you get an email response.  

  • 1 out of 5 My first and probably last Powakaddy

    By TStarr

    Been waiting a while to reach the venerable stage in golf when a motorised-trolley felt to be required - tried to find all the reviews, ask fellow golfers etc - all came out with Powakaddy a safe pair of hands, good service newtwork, solid equipment - oh and look, a new model to bring them up to date with the competition.  Couldn't wait to part with £400 odd notes, and look forward to being caddied effortlessly round the course. Forget it - most importantly, the digitally set speeds are rubbish - I find 2 of the 10 useable, making 8 redundant, and neither of the 2 I can use ever seem to suit the pace I want to walk at - sounds stupid, but when u have an ordinary trolley it goes as fast as u push or pull it - eaxactly the same - not with this beast. Then there is the 3 rubber covered button for faster, slower, stop/start - now being a compute and mouse user of many years, when I feel and hear a click, I expect things to happen - not with a Freeway II they don't - I reckon at least 1 out of every 3 attempted presses fail to register, despite the click feedback to suggest otherwise.  It is so infuriating when it fails to start or stop at th right time, and you either go back for it or run after it.  The takeoff also has a designer "feature", whereby presumably to avoid gear problems or spinning wheels, it takes off a second or so after u press the GO button - again as a manual trolley pusher, you reach out and expect it to move with you - with this, after 2 or 3 attempts where u expect it to move off, only it doesnt and you half coliide with the handle, you start walking to the side, whilst pressing the button for it to follow u - only it doesn't because off the rubbish buttons! First time out in the rain - moisture gets behind the display window and steams it up, so you can't read anything - fantastic - which climate is the designed for, Arizona or Dubai? And last but by no means least - had always been envious of the motorised trolley users strolling along on rainy or very hot days, under the full shade and protection of their umbrellas, beautifully born along by thier trolleys - could never do it on my push trolley as insufficient weight to keep it balanced - so at the same time I bought my new Freeway II, 1 umbrella holder please.  Now it may have been tried and tested on the old Freeway, and before, but demonstrating British engineering and the ability to fix summat that wasn't broken - Powakaddy decided to make the attachement attach BELOW the handle, rather than on top of it - which starts the umbrella some 6 inches lower than on previous versions  - now unless we all can find extra long umbrellas, shrink, or are prepared to walk with a stoop, this puts the umbrella at the same height as my nose - unbelievable! Soz to go on - really glad to have got that lot off my chest - DO NOT BUY one of these unless u are a dwarf living out in a desert region, and who has a fairly unique walking speed.  Oh and I have contacted Powakaddy - not really interested!! and no offer to take anything back.  As I said " My first and probably last Powakaddy".  

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