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Stewart Golf’s new X9 Follow copies your movements from tee to green at the touch of a button. When you start walking, it comes with you. Stop, it stops.

Boss Mark Stewart told us: “We are constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our engineering team have worked for more than three years to make the X9 Follow just as intuitive as the remote control models we’re famous for. The X9 Follow takes relaxation to a new level of luxury.”

The user-friendly design means that from the moment you arrive at your ball to the moment you start walking away again, you don’t need to do a thing.

When you start to walk, it stays a few steps behind you and matches your pace. It even holds its position going downhill, with a patented electronics system automatically varying and braking the twin motors to alter both speed and direction. This leaves both your hands free to check your yardage book, write a score down or laser a distance.

X9 Follow is powered by a quality lithium battery and comes with a full two-year warranty covering both the trolley and the battery.

Details: £1,499. Available in white, black, silver and British Racing Green.

Bluetooth creates two zones around the trolley. When the remote goes within the Active Zone the trolley will stay within a certain distance while you walk. When you go within the Neutral Zone to get a club or something from the bag, the trolley stays still.

As well as its ‘follow’ mode, X9 comes with full remote control. Stewart says: “Using the follow feature is the most relaxing way to play, but if you’re around the green or in deep rough, using the remote control can be the most convenient option.”

Product Information

Battery typeLithium
USB Capability
Yardage calculatorNo
Battery indicatorYes
Distance settingNo

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Stewart Golf Electric Trolleys User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Stewart Golf Support

    By Stewart Golf Support

    Dear JW, The X9 Follow is an extremely technical product and has taken 3 years in development prior to its launch last year. We are never happy when one of our customers has a bad experience and we will always do everything we can to establish the cause of the problem and resolve it. In your case the core issue was the handset being repeatedly held in the same pocket as your smartphone, with resultant clashes of the two magnetic fields: this is expressly advised against in the user manual. As for the issue with the trolley arriving damaged we have since totally redesigned our packaging of the X9 Follow which has dramatically increased the protection of the machine during transportation. We are very pleased that the issue was sorted and that you are now very happy with your trolley. Stewart Golf Support.

  • 5 out of 5 My new X9 Follow is an awesome machine

    By JK

    I received this week my new X9 Follow from Stewart Golf. It is an awesome machine. The designers and technicians from Stewart Golf did a super job. It does not only have the looks of a high end trolley, it is THE high end trolley .It is extremely well build and it functions completely according to my very high expectations. The trolley is not the cheapest on the market, that is true, but for this one, I don’t have the feeling at all that I paid too much. I really feel happy with the exceptional value I got for my money. Design, functionality and quality seldom come together in one product, but this time they definitely do! This trolley makes me even more enjoy the sport I love.

  • 1 out of 5 Now on my 4th trolley..........Stay away.....cont

    By JW

    I obviously love the technology and want the trolley as I keep persevering but suffice to say if the next one arrives and it has the same issues I will be asking for a full refund including the bags I have bought. what really sticks in my craw is that at no stage have Stewart apologised or admitted any fault or blame....even with the blatant cracks and broken parts that arrived? not even a penny in compensation has been offered either even though my pro has asked twice? Id be happy with a couple of accessories! not much I feel for a 1750 investment on my behalf and sending it back 3 times???? Ill keep you posted on the outcome positive or negative........Mr D I'd love to hear the outcome of your story?

  • 1 out of 5 Problem after problem

    By Mr D

    Ordered the trolley early July and after many promises of delivery recieved it finally at start of September. Worked fine for the first round, however 3 holes in the second game the follow me function would not work and the trolley went into attack mode firstly trying to run me over and then whiz zing round in circles. Contacted Stewart Golf and arranged the return for repair on Friday and was promised a call on Monday. This never happened for me to call on the Tuesday to be told the guy dealing with it was sick and I would have to wait. Disgusted with waiting, being fobbed off and the general attitude of Stewart Golf I have asked for my Money Back! Yep they are now being as difficult as possible and I feel I will have to seek further help before long. All I wanted was a smooth transaction and a working trolley. Realistically I've felt cheered and humiliated and after selling my old powakaddy (which may I add worked and served me well for years) What a waste of over £1600.00 after accessories etc.

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