Best Putter grips


A new putter grip often breathes new life into a golfers putting performance, as a change in feel is all many of us need to fall in love with a favourite old flat-stick all over again.

But buying a new putter grip can be a mind-boggling experience, as there's so much choice out there. To help narrow your selection we've picked our favourite 10 putter grips of 2020 to help you make a more informed decision. 

Flat Cat Original - £29.99

Flat Cat Orinigal putter grip

Our verdict:

Justin Rose is a huge fan of Fat Cat grips. Flat Cat say the flat sidesof their grips, which are parallel in plane to the putter's face, give the sensation of having the putter face in the palm of your hand. A really different feel for putting, five sizes mean there's a fit and feel for everyone. Five sizes: Slim, Svelte, Standard, Big Boy, Fat.

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Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny £23.95

Lamkin Sink Fit Skinny Putter grip

Our verdict:

Traditional-size pistol grips are making a big comeback, primarily because golfers want a different feel after using oversized models for several years. We love the feel of the micro-texture on the Skinny's fingerprint surface tech; tons of contact points give a fresh new hold.

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour - £21.95

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour putter grip

Our verdict:

Golf Pride say the SNSR's softer feel promotes a lighter grip pressure; 75% of tour pros prefer a contoured grip (where it's shape fit's the hands) which helps lock-in the upper hand. Contour comes in two sizes 104cc (90g) and 140cc (124g) as well as three more heavily shaped Contour Pro models.

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Super Stroke Traxion Flatso 1.0 - £29.99

Best Putter Grip

Our verdict:

Super Stroke say their new Traxion grips have X-Shaped tread in high sensory areas of the grip to enhance feel and comfort. Eight different shapes in a variety of sizes mean there's a solution for everyone. We, like Jordan Spieth, love the Flatso's pentagonal shape, while an embossed ridge down the back increases your chances of gripping the club consistently in the same position.

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Lamkin Sink Fit Straight - £24.95

Best Putter Grip

Our verdict:

Lamkin are nowhere near as well known for their putter grips as their driver or iron grips. But the latest Sink Fit models are seriously good. We love how the Straight is available in both rubber (114g) and polyurethane (60g) options; it gives 54g of weight difference and a significantly different feel. 

Flat Cat Tak - £29.99

Flat Cat Tak putter grip

Our verdict:

Lot's of modern putter grips are made from lightweight materials, which means their size doesn't counterweight the putter or change feel. The Flat Cat Tak is for golfers who buy into the benefit of Flat Cat's parallel grip tech, but also want the tackier feel of a rubber grip, all without massively counterweighting their putter. One of our favourite putter grips of 2020.

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Golf Pride Pro Only (Red, Blue and Green Star) - £16.95

Golf Pride Pro Only putter grips

Our verdict:

A brilliant option for golfers who've got bored of fat, jumo, oversized putter grips and want a fresh feel to breath new life into their putting. 70% of the best putters on tour now use smaller sized grips so it's no surprise club golfers are starting to gravitate to traditional sized models too.

The Pro Only Red Star is smallest (71cc), it's got a curved horseshoe shaped back. Blue Star is slightly bigger at 81cc, with a V shaped back, while Green Star is largest at 88cc, and it's oval shape has a flared back. All three are created from soft rubber to heighten feel and give better distance control.

Superstroke Traxion Claw - £29.99


Our verdict:

Specifically developed for golfers who use a claw-style grip. A wider pistol-style top section helps lock in the upper hand, while three flat sides lower in the grip give multiple hand position options. Like all SuperStroke Traxion grips, it can be counterweighted to improve stability

Iomic absolute X - £13

iomic grip

Our verdict:

The X is created from a high-tech Japanese compound in a refreshingly small size with a heavily textured surface, which Iomic say helps reduce your grip pressure while improving traction. At 65g, it is very similar to modern multi-material options and weighs significantly less than most rubber models.

G-rip FL-1 £16.95


Our verdict:

A triangular shape and very pronounced ridge along the back of the FL-1 helps golfers consistently put their hands in the same place. Silicone buds on the surface give a very different sensation and feel. Fat from front to back (instead of wide from side to side), FL-1 sits beautifully in the creases of your fingers.

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