The science behind your golf gloves


Your hands are the only part of the body connected with the club when you swing, so it’s vital your hold on it is as secure as possible. A glove enhances your grip as well as your feel but what actually goes into making them? If you speak to FootJoy, the market leader in gloves since 1983, it’s a hell of a lot!

“We’ve been making golf gloves since 1980 and treat them like a core commitment, not an accessory,” Maria Bonzagni, Senior Director of Marketing for FootJoy told TG. “Just like equipment, we invest in research and development and are constantly searching for the next greatest material and processes that will help the golfer play better.

“Every glove goes through 30 manufacturing steps on average and each has a quality control and sizing inspection. We have people known as ‘Mr Medium and Ms Small’ to ensure the sizing is consistent.”

Much of FootJoy’s success is down to the use of the best material. Its cabretta leather comes from Ethiopian Hairsheep, the skin from which possesses a thin, strong, smooth surface grain ideal for making golf gloves. Four Stasof gloves can be made from one hide and 99 per cent of each skin is utilised, minimising wastage.

FootJoy then turns to Pittards of England to tan the leather, and make it water-resistant while retaining its natural breathability and suppleness. The original process only prevented the leather hardening when it came into contact with water and/or sweat; today’s Advanced Performance Leather, exclusive to FootJoy, is eight generations improved for the best feel.

Does your new glove fit correctly?

“Size is crucial. The correct fit will help your grip and last longer too. It should feel like a second skin – tight, with no wrinkle in the palm or knuckle,” Bonzagni explains. “Out of the packet, a quarter of the Velcro should be visible to allow for adjustability through time. The Velcro should never fit flush at the beginning.

“When trying one on, work the fingers in first. Gently depress the leather around each finger until you’ve achieved a comfortable, snug fit – then allow your thumb entry. To adjust, never pull on the cuff and smooth the glove out with your other hand.” 

Five golf gloves guaranteed to help you get a grip

FJ Stasof glove £18.95

Srixon Carbretta Leather glove £12

Ping Sensor Tour glove £18

TaylorMade Tour Preferred glove £16.99

Kasco Palm Fit glove £17.99