Ladies golf clubs: Who should use them?


Who should use ladies’ golf clubs?

With a market saturated by countless men’s golf club companies, the number of specifically designed women’s golf clubs has always been considerably less. 

Having said that, all of the female professionals on the LPGA and LET tours use men’s clubs and with lighter graphite shafts available, it certainly begs the question of who really needs to use ladies clubs?

In general, ladies clubs tend to be lighter and shorter to accomodate for slower swing speeds, less muscle strength and a smaller average height then men. 

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What are the main differences between men’s and women’s clubs?

The clubhead: Usually slightly lighter than the head on any men’s club, helping to allow a faster swing speed that isn’t limited by a heavier weight. 

The shaft: On average the shaft on a ladies club is an inch shorter than the regular men’s equivalent, and will also be a lot lighter and more flexible to help gain extra power without additional weight. 

The loft: Particularly on a driver, the loft will be a lot higher to help the ball gain extra distance through the air. Ping’s G Le women’s driver has a loft of 11.5 degrees, while the loft in their men’s G Driver starts at 9 degrees.

The grip: Tends to be slightly smaller in both length and diameter to cater to slightly small hands.

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Who should use them?

Someone who has a slower swing speed of around 80mph and lower, as otherwise you may be losing height and distance from men’s clubs. If your swing sweed is faster, you should probably be using a men’s club – even if it is with a graphite shaft.

Someone who isn’t particularly strong or finds men’s clubs too heavy. If you use a mens driver and it is too heavy, you might find your distance is limited so switching to a ladies alternative may be a good option to generate a quicker swing speed.

For someone who is small and petite, as ladies clubs are made slightly shorter.

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Who makes them?

Ping: G Le

TaylorMade: Ladies Kalea

Benross: Pearl

Cobra: Womens KING F6/F7, Womens MAX

Callaway: Women’s GBB Epic Driver, Women’s Big Bertha, Women’s XR OS, Women’s Steelhead XR

Lynx: Tigress, Crystal, Boom Boom

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