READER TEST: Galvin Green Dash Insula and Bruce Windstopper


How do Galvin Green’s high-tech tops perform on the course? Four TG readers found out...

Our little rock in the North Atlantic has some of the most variable weather in the world; in any round you can play in sunshine, rain, wind, snow, hail and back to sun... That means it’s crucial to have the right clothing to cope with any conditions you encounter out on the course. Galvin Green has made its name designing outerwear just for golf. It’s not cheap, though, so what did four TG readers make of two new tops, using Insula (Dash) and Windstopper (Bruce) fabrics?

Q: How did you find the cut and what did you think to the quality?

AB: I had the Windstopper, and thanks to the cut, lightweight flexible fabric and styling I’d feel as comfortable wearing this on the golf course as I would wearing it off it. There were no restrictions.
CN: The fit of the Dash Insula is tailored like a top-quality suit, it’s snug and contours the body without restricting your golf swing. The quality speaks for itself; you just know it’s a top-quality performance garment.  
WH: For me Galvin Green have proven they are the leading brand when it comes to winter wear. The Insula’s cut, fit and fabric were really comfortable.
JM: I reckon the Windstopper is by far the most comfortable golf jacket I’ve ever worn; the cut and quality are top notch.

Q: Galvin Green is big on the benefits of layering garments for all conditions; does that work, or is it just a way to make golfers buy more gear?

AB: It’s definitely not a gimmick. Golfers need to feel comfortable, especially in winter, having the right clothing makes a massive difference to how you feel and how well you play.  
CN: I’ve bought into the layering idea. The Insula is too warm for average days, which means it’s perfect for chilly winter golf. Having the right garment for the weather is essential.    
WH: Layering isn’t the cheapest way to get yourself a new wardrobe, but I’d agree the idea works. And you can take a layer off if conditions change. 
JM: It comes down to the effectiveness of the layers; by wearing the right lightweight layers you avoid bulk, which is restricting. Other golfers should spare a second thought for layering up correctly.

Q: Are these high-tech fabrics better than a traditional lambswool sweater?

AB: I’d wear the Windstopper instead of a sweater for sure. I played in a storm wearing the jacket and it kept me out there, warm and dry. A sweater just couldn’t compete.
CN: A sweater is no match! They tend to sag, stretch and lose their shape. The Insula just hasn’t done that at all and I would say it’s warmer than a lambswool sweater, too.
WH: The Insula offers the same freedom as a sweater, but the warmth it provides is far superior. It traps more heat from your body which keeps you really snug.
JM: The Windstopper is so light you don’t feel like you’re wearing a big jacket. It keeps out a shower too, which a sweater won’t. 

Q: Would you recommend Galvin Green to other golfers?

AB: Admittedly £220 for a Windstopper jacket is a lot, but you’ve got to take into account it’s got multiple uses, on and off the course. I’d recommend them to everyone.   
CN: It’s certainly a worthwhile investment if you’re playing through a British winter.
WH: An ideal accompaniment to a cold day; in my opinion it’s an essential for a golf wardrobe.   
JM: Even though they’re expensive I’d recommend them. You’ll get more than your money’s worth when you consider how much time you spend on the course.

The products:

Galvin Green Dash Insula £125

Galvin Green Dash Insula

Galvin Green Bruce Windstopper £220

Galvin Green Bruce Windstopper