Should I buy a push or electric golf trolley?


If you're planning to buy a golf trolley, should you buy an all-singing, all-dancing electric trolley, or go for simplicity and buy a push trolley? We weigh up the advantages of both types to help you make the right decision. 

PowaKaddy says...

“Carrying a heavy golf bag can place unnecessary stress on muscles that are needed for optimum performance, making electric golf trolleys and push trolleys valuable from a performance standpoint. A push trolley is a good piece of kit for those first starting off in golf and wish to spend less on equipment at this early stage.”

Think about course terrain

If you tend to play on a hilly course, a push-pull trolley may become too tiresome walking up the hills. They are much better-suited to flatter courses. A trolley you push is better than one you pull because the pulling process puts extra stress on one side of your body, so choose to push if you have the option.

How easy is the assembly?

Most push trolleys come with a simple, fast assembly process. Couple that with the lack of need to connect a battery and push trolleys suit those golfers who like to get going straight away when they arrive at the course. They also tend to be lighter, so many can be unfolded by lifting and shaking the wheels to extend the frame.

How much storage space do you have?

Weight tends to be less of an issue with push trolleys, due to the lack of motors and battery, but size is just as big a factor as it is with electric models. Four wheel trolleys may be more stable, but add to the folded-down size and they all fold down differently so make sure you see it folded down before making a purchase.

Save money to spend on accessories

Saving money on a push trolley means you may have some extra cash available to spend on accessories. Some have integrated stations that things like umbrella and scorecard holders fix on to, while others clamp to the frame. There are loads to choose from, including GPS cradles, phone holders, drinks holders and rain covers.