Soft golf balls are closing the gap on premium balls


How soft golf balls are closing the gap on performance, but retaining it on price.

Our testing has shown just how closely some premium and softer compression golf balls are matched for performance, which for you the golfer has to be a good thing.

Yes it's a tough choice to decide which is best suited to your game, but we reckon there's a softer compression ball out there for everyone.

Callaway's Chrome Soft is impressive across the board for most golfers.

But Wilson's DX3 Urethane and TaylorMade's Project (a) are very strong for the club golfer too.

Srixon's UltiSoft is much more suited to mid-slower swing golfers and for those who typically use a distance ball as their ball of choice; you just can't fail to gain from making the switch.

For us the massive draw to softer-compression balls is the price.

Let's face it, golf balls are not cheap, and if you're playing a lot of golf you do get through them.

If you can get a very similar performance from a softer cheaper ball, that quite possibly has the capabilities to add extra feel, launch or a few yards of carry distance to your game, we reckon it's surely a no-brainer to at least give them a run-out on the golf course.