TaylorMade M2 v M2 Tour fairway


TaylorMade’s M2 Tour fairway wood has found its way into the bags of Rory, Tiger and Justin Rose this year. They’re all top players, but what makes a pro choose the Tour M2 over a standard model?

To the untrained eye the heads look pretty similar, but how different is their set-up, and what performance difference can you expect from both? They’re all questions we asked ourselves so we thought the time was right to put the clubs in a head-to-head test, so we can see and show the differences in data.

TaylorMade M2 Tour £279

TaylorMade M2 Tour Fairway


Lofts: 3 - 15° / 3H - 16.5° Stock shaft: Mitsubishi Kuro Kage TiNi 70F Shaft length: 43.25in Swingweight: D3 Head size: 15° (156cc), 16.5° (158cc) Grip: Lamkin UTX Cord

Tech: All the same technologies as the standard M2 fairway, but with a smaller more refined head shape.

Verdict: A pro’s equipment needs are very different to a club golfer’s. So for a brand it makes perfect sense to aim a product with the same name (just distinguished by a “Tour” badge) at both the club golfer and tour player. It means club golfers see what pros play and want the same. But by buying the standard model, more often than not club golfers get a club much better suited to them. The Tour’s got a deeper face, its head is 19cc smaller than the standard model and because there’s weight low and forward in the sole it generates less spin, which many tour pros like. A centre of gravity closer to the face makes it easier to shape shots – perfect for tour players but not so great for club golfers, who often just want to hit shots straighter. Our test pro gained 5mph of ball speed.

M2 Tour fairway data

TaylorMade 2017 M2 £229

TaylorMade M2 Fairway

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Lofts: 3 - 15° / 3HL - 16.5° / 5 - 18°/ 5HL - 21° / 7HL - 24° Stock shaft: TM REAX 65/55 Shaft length: 43.25in Swingweight: D3 Head size: 15° (175cc), 16.5° (177cc) Grip: TM Dual Feel

Tech: Fast, far and forgiving, says TaylorMade. A six-layer carbon and a fluted hosel free up weight, which is relocated low and deep to increase forgiveness.

Verdict: A wider body from face to back and shallower depth make it exceptionally easy to launch from the turf, and extremely forgiving on off-centre hits. You don’t get a branded Mitsubishi Kuro Kage shaft or Lamkin grip like the Tour, but don’t forget you’re saving £50. Our pro launched shots a fraction higher with extra spin, which for many club golfers will help keep the ball in the air for longer. The mass freed up by the carbon crown is positioned internally to maximise MOI. That’s great for protecting ball speeds, carry and reducing side spin, but it does mean (as the centre of gravity is further from the face) it’s more difficult to shape or work shots, which is at least part of the reason why more pros opt for M2 Tour.

M2 Fairway data

Bottom line: 

There’s a massive clue in the name “Tour”! We think you need to be generating well above average club and ball speeds to even consider the Tour. For us, the standard M2, is much more forgiving and easier to flight from the turf for most golfers.