Adams XTD




The Drivers Test 2014: Adams XTD

Cost: £329.

Tech: First driver from Adams to feature its “Cut-Through Velocity Slot” to increase ball speeds. Progressive thickness face, loft and lie can be adjusted up to 1.5° via the hosel.

What we said... James Ridyard: “Solid club, nice matt grey finish. Had to adjust right down to 7.5° to get the longest flight.” Joel Tadman: “The face looks rounded and the head large. Looking at the large slot is odd at first, but the sweetspot is one of the hottest on test. Soft but explosive.” Stephen Kidd: “Felt solid on different strike points. Not a fan of the slot, but like the matt finish. Sounds great and is powerful out of the middle.” Steve Milnes: “Used a lower loft than usual to get the best from it. Not a looker, but long and very forgiving.”

Pros: A high-launching distance machine.

Cons: Size and design is unwieldy to look at.

The numbers: Looks: 7 Feel: 8 Sound: 8 Forgiveness: 8 Performance: 7.5

TG Rating: 7.5/10.

Details: Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12° adjustable. Contact:

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