Callaway Big Bertha - Gold Award




The Drivers Test 2014: Callaway Big Bertha - GOLD AWARD

Cost: £349.

Tech: Adjustable Perimeter Weighting (APW), an 8g sliding weight on a five-inch track on the back of the sole to reduce dispersion by up to 15 yards. A Hyper Speed Face has a larger sweetspot than its predecessor while a forged composite crown means weight can be positioned lower for better launch. Loft and lie adjustable via the OptiFit hosel. Better-player Alpha boasts adjustable CG via a Gravity Core. Draw/fade bias can be changed via two weights in the heel and toe.

What we said... James Ridyard: “I actually preferred the look of the Big Bertha over the Alpha, but the Alpha edged it on distance. Both have a very traditional look. The face feels hot and while having the heavy end of Gravity Core sacrificed a few yards, I was able to shape the ball much more easily.” Joel Tadman: “The Alpha went further with a more penetrating flight but I prefer the sliding weight on the standard version as an adjustability option. The contrast between face and crown makes alignment simple and the upright lie angle setting reduced my misses. Balls come off the face hot, but with a soft feel. Very addictive!” Stephen Kidd: “I slightly favour the clean look of the Alpha. The shaft in both feels long, which reduced control but they were super-long.” Steve Milnes: “Setting the standard BB to heavy draw and adding loft reduced my fade, which took time to adjust to but gave me more yards. It makes your good shots better but might make your bad shots worse. Prefer having the alignment aid on the crown.”

Pros: Simple, premium look. Something for everyone. Longest for two of four testers.

Cons: Adjustability may bamboozle. Pricey.

The numbers: Looks: 9 Feel: 9 Sound: 8.5 Forgiveness: 9 Performance: 9

TG Rating: 9/10 Gold Award. 

Details: Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 13.5° HT. Alpha £399. 9°, 10.5°. Both adjustable. Contact:

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