Nike VRS Covert 2.0 - Gold Award




The Drivers Test 2014: Nike VRS Covert 2.0 - GOLD AWARD

Cost: £249.99. 

Tech: Cavity-back design has been redesigned with FlyBrace technology, which reinforces the rearward portion of the head for greater ball speeds and up to six more yards than its predecessor. The Tour version is more pear shaped and has a face 15 per cent larger than the original Covert Tour. Both have the adjustable Flex loft hosel with three independent face angle settings.

What we said... James Ridyard: “The standard, stiff shaft performs well, if a touch on the light side. I’m glad Nike stuck with the red head colour– it still looks great and of high quality. Performance wise it has a nice strong flight and sound with pretty good distance. Nike’s products improve every year.” Joel Tadman: “The combination of the deep face, pear-shaped head and rich red crown on the Tour version makes this my favourite-looking driver on test. It also feels the hottest out of the middle for me. Tweaking the face left prevented my block right. It’s still plenty forgiving too and feels very stable. The Tour Wrap grip feels great in the dry but gets slippery in the wet.” Stephen Kidd: “I also prefer the Tour model’s shape, and it felt more powerful too. The stock stiff won’t work for everyone, but the x-stiff gave me more distance and accuracy. I just wish they’d get rid of the swoosh on the crown.” Steve Milnes: “Like the other guys it felt hot off the face, but I wasn’t getting the same peak distances with my standard version consistently. It looks great and I even hit a few high draws, a rare occurance for me!”

Pros: Popular look and a really hot, stable feeling at impact. A worthy winner.

Cons: Stock grip becomes slippery when wet.

The numbers: Looks: 9 Feel: 9.5 Sound: 9 Forgiveness: 8.5 Performance: 8.5

TG Rating: 9/10 Gold Award. 

Details: Lofts: 8.5-12.5° adjustable. Tour version £329.99. Contact:

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