Wilson FG Tour M3




The Drivers Test 2014: Wilson FG Tour M3 

Cost: £249. 

Tech: A variable thickness face boosts forgiveness. “Right Light” technology features in the head along with adjustable 3g, 7g or 11g sole weights. Aldila RIP Phenom shaft.

What we said... James Ridyard: “The heavier of the two stock shafts (60g) helped keep the flight down. It looks cheap, but the shape is nice; the very deep face should appeal to better players.” Joel Tadman: “It really flies out of the middle (I hit one of my longest drives with it) but the look and sound isn’t my taste.” Stephen Kidd: “The 3g weight helped keep the spin down. It feels superb out of the middle, I could hardly miss; it was my straightest club.” Steve Milnes: “The 11g weight helped increase my launch and I didn’t notice the extra weight in the head.”

Pros: Forgiving and long. Adjustability works.

Cons: Finish lacks class. Odd impact sound.

The numbers: Looks: 7 Feel: 8 Sound: 7 Forgiveness: 8 Performance: 7.5

TG Rating: 7.5/10. 

Details: Lofts: 8.5-11.5° adjustable Contact: www.wilsonstaff.com

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