Yonex XP




The Drivers Test 2014: Yonex XP

Cost: £249.

Tech: A heavier head increases ball speeds, counteracted by a heavy-ended grip to reduce swing weight. Adjustable loft by 1.5°.

What we said... James Ridyard: “Visually there’s a lot going on, I’m not a fan. The head is a good weight, I thought a lot of the shots would be better than they were. Shaft felt a little weak.” Joel Tadman: “I got a really strong and stable flight. I like the look, it offers plenty of shelf appeal but I need a stiffer shaft. Currently there’s no x-stiff option available.” Stephen Kidd: “The colours work well and it’s forgiving too. A penetrating flight, low spin with lots of run.” Steve Milnes: “The draw bias of the head helped reduce my miss to the right. The look and weight feels spot on, very well balanced.”

Pros: Looks good and feels powerful.

Cons: Not as long as it feels at times.

The numbers: Looks: 7.5 Feel: 8.5 Sound: 7 Forgiveness: 8 Performance: 7

TG Rating: 7.5/10.

Details: Lofts: 9°, 10.5°, 12° adjustable Contact: www.yonex.co.uk

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