Titleist 913H/H.d




The Hybrids Test 2014: Titleist 913H/H.d – BRONZE AWARD

Cost: £197

Tech: Distance and forgiveness is delivered through the range of lofts with outstanding ground contact and ball flight. Independent loft and lie adjustment.

What we said… James Ridyard: “Pear-shaped look is quite toe-heavy, I’m not sure if it works in hybrid. I got a strong, penetrating ball flight which will be great into the wind. Both models look like a better player’s club, easy to shape and change the trajectory.” Joel Tadman: “I like the shallow face. Got a lower trajectory than most, great feel, above average carry with plenty of roll” Peter Ward: “I like what felt like a heavier head. Sits great, felt beautiful even on shots I didn’t quite pure.” Ross Nichols: “I don’t mind the pear-shaped head. For me it was long and consistently so.”

Pros: Hot feel from a wide clubface area.

Cons: Plain look and can be difficult to align.

The numbers: Distance consistency: 9.5 Dispersion: 8.5 Looks: 7.5 Feel: 8.5 Forgiveness: 8.5 Versatility: 8.5

TG Rating: 8.5/10

Details: Lofts: 17°, 19°, 21°, 24°, 27° Contact: www.titleist.co.uk

Click here to leave a review of your Titleist 913H

Click here to leave a review of your Titleist 913H.d

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