Yonex VXF




The Hybrids Test 2014: Yonex VXF

Cost: £89

Tech: Designed to be hit well from a variety of lies and fit neatly into the VXF iron range to complete the perfect combo-set.

What we said… James Ridyard: “I instantly noticed the shorter shaft, one of the shortest on test. The look is very rounded but compact with a shallow face. Light feel reduced awareness of the clubhead. Simple, clean design. Felt pretty hot.” Joel Tadman: “The shorter length meant I felt much more in control but it still goes plenty far enough consistently. I really like the head shape and size, just not the yellow shaft.” Peter Ward: “Didn’t feel overly powerful but looks nice, I like the yellow shaft.” Ross Nichols: “Really like the headshape, nice thin hosel, uncomplicated, nice to hit, good distance.”

Pros: Flawless shape and easy to control.

Cons: Colourscheme not liked by all.

The numbers: Distance consistency: 9.5 Dispersion: 9.5 Looks: 7 Feel: 8 Forgiveness: 7.5 Versatility: 7.5

TG Rating: 8/10

Details: Lofts: 20°, 23°, 26° Contact: www.yonex.co.uk

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