Benross HOT SPEED 2




Irons Test 2014: Benross HOT SPEED 2

Cost: £329.99 steel £379.99 graphite

Tech: Benross’ Ultimate Players Game Improvement iron with Tour lofts and a black pearl finish.

What we said… James Ridyard: “A lot of offset, really nice contrast between face and rest of head. Two white scorelines make it easy to align, hot off the face, high trajectory. Wide sole, hard to dig, very good.” Joel Tadman: “Does feel soft but powerful like the ball jumps off the face fast. Easy to set up squarely and doesn’t look too chunky.” Gee Gioia: “Felt heavy. Not a fan of the finish or angular shape. Relatively easy to hit a consistent distance.” Adam Holdgate: “Very nice club apart from the colour, felt a touch hard and wasn’t as hot as others but better than average.”

Pros: Soft feel, wide sole but not too much offset. Long enough too.

Cons: Busy face design could be distracting.

The numbers: Looks: 7 Feel: 8 Forgiveness: 8 Workability: 7 Distance Consistency: 9.5 Dispersion: 9

TG Rating: 8/10

Details: 7-iron loft: 31° Left-handed: No Set: 5-SW Contact:

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