Benross MAX SPEED 2




Irons Test 2014: Benross MAX SPEED 2

Cost: £269.99 steel, £299.99 graphite

Tech: An oversized head boasts corner stability and deep sole weighting for a low and deep CG, maximising forgiveness.

What we said… James Ridyard: “Certainly feels light down to the DG light shaft, more suited to lower swing speeds. The shaft contributes to the high launch and spin numbers fast swingers will tend to get. There’s a fair amount of offset; the white lines on the bottom and sides of the face frame the ball nicely. It was accurate but not long due to the loft and the shorter shaft length.” Adam Holdgate: “It felt pretty hot out of the middle but wasn’t getting the distance of some and it felt hard when I didn’t catch it. It’s easy to align and hit straight.”

Pros: Controllable flight, hot feel from the middle.

Cons: Target player will want more distance.

The numbers: Looks: 7 Feel: 7.5 Forgiveness: 7.5 Workability: 7.5 Distance Consistency: 9.5 Dispersion: 9

TG Rating: 8/10

Details: 7-iron loft: 36° Left-handed: No Set: 6-SW Contact:

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