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Irons Test 2014: Callaway X2 HOT – GOLD AWARD

Cost: £549 steel £699 graphite

Tech: The X2 Hot irons have more ball speed and forgiveness making them Callaway’s longest irons ever. The exceptional sound and feel at high ball speeds come from the stabilising arch that reinforces the face. A deep central undercut increases clubface flexion for more distance.

What we said… James Ridyard: “The first thing you notice looking down is the sheer size of the face, the ball looks small by comparison. There’s offset but the straight leading edge means the head looks like a reasonable size, certainly confidence-inspiring. It felt like it came off like a rocket, very hot with a strong flight. The combination of light shaft, hot face and strong lofts will achieve distance for a variety of swing speeds. Plus it’s workable too, more so than most other irons in this category.” Adam Holdgate: “The clubhead feels heavier which makes me feel more aware of it and in control of it during the swing. When I struck them well they go miles but I lost a fair few yards when I didn’t catch it, more down to how hot the sweetspot is rather than lacking forgiveness. The shape and size for this category is pretty standard, there’s not much to dislike and the white bottom grooves help alignment.”

Pros: Hot face and strong lofts mean golfers are bound to experience more distance as well as a club that looks good at address.

Cons: Not the most forgiving away from the sweetspot, which could create gaps in distance from different strike points. Still better than most.

The numbers: 9.5 Feel: 9.5 Forgiveness: 9 Workability: 9 Distance Consistency: 9 Dispersion: 9.5

TG Rating: 9.5/10

Details: 7-iron loft: 30° Left-handed: Yes Set: 3-SW Contact:

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