Cleveland 588 Tour-Trajectory


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Irons Test 2014: Cleveland 588 Tour-Trajectory

Cost: £449 steel £499 graphite

Tech: Tour-calibre flight and feel. Constant blade height and progressive blade length promote more forgiveness in long irons and controlled trajectory in short irons.

What we said… James Ridyard: “A little hard work. Looked like an upright lie angle, which meant I hit a few left. The stock shaft is long and light and it felt like it was kicking more, which reduced accuracy. The head is fairly chunky for this category and not overly workable. Hot feel off the face, geared towards distance but not consistent enough for a better player’s bag.” Joel Tadman: “I like the contrast of the bottom groove. Too much offset for me but would be a good option in the long irons of my set.”

Pros: Hot feel and light shaft aids distance.

Cons: Too many game improver elements. No 4-iron.

The numbers: Looks: 7 Feel: 7 Forgiveness: 8 Workability: 7 Distance Consistency: 9 Dispersion: 8.5

TG Rating: 8/10

Details: 7-iron loft: 31° Left-handed: Yes Set: 5-SW Contact:

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