Nike VRS Covert Tour Forged




Irons Test 2014: Nike VRS Covert Tour Forged – SILVER AWARD

Cost: £549 steel £649 graphite

Tech: Features a deep, undercut cavity for longer, higher and straighter shots while the S20c carbon steel body generates superior feel. The NexCOR face, made from SAE 8655 steel, delivers faster ball speeds on a variety of strike points.

What we said… James Ridyard: “Design-wise it’s not that different from the cast Covert, little more of a brushed finish. Felt marginally softer; the shaft felt like one of the shorter ones on test. It felt more like a blade from the heel and toe with limited forgiveness. It’s unusual for the gaps in loft between irons in the set to range from 2 to 5 degrees.” Joel Tadman: “Ever so slightly softer feel than the Covert 2.0 and the grooves appear more prominent and more frequent too. More of a matt finish on the heel or toe, which I prefer, but still reflective and was surprisingly long given the soft feel.” Gee Gioia: “Perfect combination of size and shape, a thinnish top line and small amount of offset. Felt hot at impact from different points on the face.” Adam Holdgate: “Looks like it has a higher quality of finish than the standard Covert, much more pleasing on the eye. Mishits travelled a similar distance to well struck shots – I really like this. The wrap grip doesn’t work for me, they’ve tried to do something different and it hasn’t worked. Penetrating flight though.”

Pros: Compact, premium look. Soft feel and forgiving but with features better players will enjoy like narrow soles and semi-matt finish.

Cons: Flat top edge makes it look thicker. The tacky Wrap grip will divide opinion and can slip when wet.

The numbers: Looks: 9 Feel: 9 Forgiveness: 8 Workability: 8.5 Distance
Consistency: 9 Dispersion: 9.5

TG Rating: 9/10

Details: 7-iron loft: 31° Left-handed: No Set: 4-AW Contact:

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