Orka RS5 S25C Forged




Irons Test 2014: Orka RS5 S25C Forged

Cost: £120 steel, per club

Tech: Forged from the finest Japanese s25c steel the RS5 cavity back provides the ultimate feel, quality and confidence.

What we said… JR: “Similar ball speed and spin to other models in the category but lacked distance due to the high loft. Like the look, mid-size head, shallow cavity and the finish is classy. It’s a nice club visually. Good amount of offset, quite curved leading edge. Flight seemed to climb.” JT: “Like the finish. Too big a gap between bottom groove and leading edge, which is too rounded. Compact for a cavity iron, felt solid and hot when hit but goes very high and loses length. Easy to hit straight, but doesn’t compensate for lack of power.”

Pros: Classy look all over. Tight distance and dispersion.

Cons: Shortest iron for distance on test.

The numbers: Looks: 8 Feel: 7.5 Forgiveness: 6.5 Workability: 8 Distance Consistency: 9.5 Dispersion: 9

TG Rating: 8/10

7-iron loft: 35° Left-handed: No Set: 3-PW Contact: www.orkagolf.com

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