Ping Karsten




Irons Test 2014: Ping Karsten – BRONZE AWARD

Cost: £86 steel £102 graphite

Tech: Karsten irons are the most forgiving irons Ping has ever made. They feature a larger head size, perimeter weighting, stronger lofts and progressive offset and sole widths. Irons are part of a hybrid set with long iron replacements.

What we said… James Ridyard: “They certainly launched very high, I had to work a little more than others to keep it down. It’s fair to assume they’re suited to lower swing speeds that need that higher initial launch. It didn’t curve a lot both from the centre or heel and toe. The size is not huge and the square leading edge and white score line on the bottom of the face helps alignment. The set boasts one of the largest amounts of offset on test but the straight front edge makes it look OK. The set progression is perhaps more noticeable than others, you can tell each club is very individual.” Adam Holdgate: “It was easy to hit consistently and felt good when I did catch it, which was often. I achieved a stable, mid-to-high flight with good distance. It’s pretty ugly to look at, the head doesn’t blend into the hosel like others but the white score line makes it easy to align and there’s a bundle of help on offer, especially in the mid-to-long irons where it’s needed most.”

Pros: Forgiving, high-launching irons with seamless progression through the set. Hybrids as long iron replacements successfully break new ground for Ping.

Cons: Not overly pleasing on the eye, workable or suited to those with higher swing speeds.

The numbers: Looks: 7.5 Feel: 8.5 Forgiveness: 9 Workability: 8 Distance Consistency: 9.5 Dispersion: 9

TG Rating: 8.5/10

Details: 7-iron loft: 30.5° Left-handed: Yes Set: 3-5H, 5-SW Contact:

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