Waterproof Test 2014


Technology is so advanced these days that the waterproofness of every suit on the market is a given. So how do different suits set themselves apart? There are a host of other qualities that might make one suit preferable over another, from the fit and features to the ease with which you can slip it on quickly. We’ve tested out 15 of the best waterproof jacket and trouser combos so you can keep your game going when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

How we did it

When testing the suits, we were assessing:
- The freedom it offers during the swing so your movement isn’t affected.
- The sound it makes; it should be quiet enough not to put off you or your playing partners if you move on their backswing!
- The chances are you’ll be wearing it mostly during the winter, so it needs to keep you relatively warm, but also be breathable so sweat can evaporate.
- They need to be quick and easy to get on, secure and remove, so you don’t get caught out in a shower.
- When you take them off or store them in your bag before a round, they need to fold down into a relatively compact size.
- The presence of extra features or design traits specifically for golfers, plus high-tech fabrics like Gore-Tex.
- Finally, they need to dry relatively quickly.

The ability to swing freely in waterproofs is crucial, so we hit shots on the driving range while wearing each suit. But in the driest autumn for years, we couldn’t wait for a rainy day to test their water resistance. So we simulated the conditions using a pressure hose, directing the spray at the same points (front, rear, overhead) on each suit as we stood and swung a club for one minute. We started with jets that simulated light drizzle, then removed the suit and checked underneath for any leaks. We then moved up to a shower and a heavy downpour, checking underneath after each soaking. We wore a grey base layer and trousers underneath to instantly detect any leaks. Every effort was made to ensure the water was projected at the same pressure, direction and for the same duration at each stage for each garment.

Gold Award

adidas Climaproof Puremotion

Jacket £249.99, trousers £174.99
Gold Award

Nike HyperAdapt

Jacket £210, trousers £170
Gold Award

Galvin Green Adler

Jacket £289, trousers £249


Silver Award

ProQuip TourFlex Elite 360

Jacket £119, trousers £94

Silver Award

Abacus Walton

Jacket £159, trousers £99


Bronze Award

Chervo Manner

Jacket £180, trousers £148.60

Bronze Award

Sunice FlexVent Langford

Jacket £199.99, trousers £129.99


And the rest of the waterproofs that we tested...


Benross XTEX

Jacket £99.99, trousers £69.99


Sunderland Whisperdry Hush

Jacket £170, trousers £121

Ping Altitude

Jacket £144.99, trousers £124.99





FootJoy DryJoys Tour XP

Jacket £200, trousers £160



Glenmuir Balfour

Jacket £121, trousers £77





Ashworth Performance

Jacket £79.99, trousers £69.99



Mizuno Hyper

Jacket £180, trousers £135


UnderArmour ArmourStorm

Jacket £90, trousers £60

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