Do you want a ball that will help you hit it further?

Balls Test

It’s probably fair to say that no one makes a short golf ball anymore: There’s long and slightly longer. Some brands base their engineering on club speed and compression, others on moderating driver spin rates. 

Titleist Pro V1x, Velocity
Whenever we test balls, there’s only between one and four yards difference between all our balls at any one swing speed. Pro V1x and Velocity are just slightly longer, based on the dimple design they share and the way their high-energy cores work with the ball’s other elements. When we fit golfers for a golf ball we never start with distance off the tee. We focus on short game as it’s where golfers play the most shots. The distance difference between all our balls is so small it’s not worth selecting one based on power alone. Ultimately, we believe distance in a ball is how the elements work together. The core may be the engine of the golf ball, but all parts contribute to the ball’s performance. 

Bridgestone e6, e7
Ultimately, I would say e7 is the longest ball in our line. It has a surlyn cover built for distance, a mid layer built to reduce spin off the tee, and a slightly firmer, faster core. I would also recommend e6. It’s a ball built to help straighten shots, and when you take curvature out of your shots, you begin to add yardage. As a rule, we think you need to get fitted for your longest golf ball. For most golfers, a softer compression is the way to go. When you can compress the ball, you reduce backspin and sidespin so they tend to be longer and straighter. Our e range feature our softer compressions – e5 is 70, e6 60 and e7 80.

Srixon Z-Star XV, Z-Star, AD333 Tour, AD333
This question can only be answered when you know your driver swing speed. Srixon’s balls are designed to offer maximum distance performance for different speeds – Z-Star XV is for faster speeds, over 105mph; Z-Star is a little slower, 90-105mph, while the AD balls are for more typical club golfer speeds of 80-90mph. Match the ball to your speed and all the technology will be optimised for you. 

TaylorMade TP, TP X, AeroBurner Pro, Project (a), Burner Soft
All of our golf balls are designed to be long off the tee since they have high ballspeed and low backspin. Since all of our golf balls offer high speed and low spin, it’s tough to single out one.

Nike RZN Black, RZN Red
For moderate to higher swing speeds, RZN Black is our longest ball. For more moderate swing speeds, RZN Red would be your best distance option if your swing speed is below around 95mph. 

Callaway Chrome Soft, Supersoft, Superhot
Superhot’s core and mantle are built for maximum distance, though you make some sacrifices in performance. For distance and performance, Chrome Soft is the best option. Supersoft is between them.

Wilson Staff  FG Tour, DX3 Spin, DX2 Soft
There is not a great difference between our three balls for distance. If we set up a robot to hit all three, they’d be within five yards of each other. Our philosophy is to differentiate in other areas.

Mizuno  MP-X, JPX
MP-X has a slightly firmer cover and core than our other premium urethane ball, the MP-S. This gives it slightly lower driver spin, and a little more distance. The JPX uses clusters of what we call micro-dimples (left) to help retain flight at slower speeds.