Do you want a ball that will help your short game?

Balls Test

Once you get inside 80 yards, the cover material is the key defining attribute when it comes to spin, feel and control. That’s why all the balls you’ll find here are covered in tour-grade urethane (see panel on page 134). 

Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x
On shorter shots you’re not impacting the core as much; you’re impacting the cover, so it has to give you optimal spin. Pro V1 and Pro V1x are the only balls in Titleist’s range that use urethane. Our testing shows urethane can give up to 1500rpm more spin on short shots than our surlyn-covered models. That makes a qualitative difference to how the ball stops on the green.

Srixon Z-Star, Z-Star XV, AD333 Tour
These are our three urethane-covered balls. As well as the urethane, all three balls use our new Spinskin coating, which enhances the contact between cover and face, increasing the club’s grip on the ball and making the balls feel softer than the previous Spinskin. Z-Star XV is a higher compression and will feel a little firmer than Z-Star; AD333 Tour is designed to do the same job, but suits a slower swing speed. 

Callaway Chrome Soft, Speed Regime
Chrome Soft is a urethane-covered ball giving maximum control around the green. Though around £10 cheaper than the Tour level Speed Regime range, it is probably the equal of them around the greens. Its core compression of just 65 is considerably softer than those of the Speed regime, so it certainly offers a different feel from the typical premium ball. The three Speed Regime options are urethane balls, designed to suit different swing speeds. 

Bridgestone B330S or B330 RXS
All four B330 models, plus the e5, have urethane covers, but on the B330S and B330 RXS there is a softer grade of urethane. B330S is for faster swings, over 105mph with a driver, while 330 RXS is for the more moderate-swinging better player.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred, Tour Preferred X, Project (a)
These balls have a cast urethane cover. Project (a) is designed to spin more, which means it can help more moderate swing speeds create the control they need on approach shots from 150 yards in. 

Nike RZN Platinum, RZN Black
Tour-grade urethane covers will always deliver better wedge and short game performance, and these are Nike’s two urethane balls. Platinum has a slightly softer grade of urethane and is lower compression; it’s designed for mid-spin control, and spins slightly more than Black. 

Wilson Staff FG Tour
FG Tour is our cast urethane-covered ball – and that cover is little more than 1mm thick. On short shots – 80 yards and in – this thin cover gets pinched between the clubface and the ball’s mantle, creating plenty of spin. 

Mizuno MP-S
With a softer grade of urethane on its cover, and a slightly softer core, MP-S is the ball you can see spinning and checking