Do you want performance, without spending too much?

Balls Test

Experts agree that sticking with one ball is a good idea, as it allows you to build feel and confidence. However, when that golf ball costs in excess of £40 a dozen, is there another option that won’t hit you so deeply in the pocket? 

Titleist DT Solo, NXT Tour
A fitting is performance based, and this is why Titleist typically recommends Pro V1 and Pro V1x. But they are around £50 a dozen, and golfers have preferences on price. At around £18 the entry-level DT Solo offers all-round performance; it’s powerful and very soft, with good short game control properties. For another £10, the versatile NXT Tour also offers great value. 

Bridgestone e6
Seven out of 10 golfers will deal with hook and slice issues, have a more moderate clubhead speed, and will not make perfect contact. With the softest compression, e6 at £30 a dozen will be the most forgiving and longest for that golfer. But the best investment is being fitted for your best ball.  

Srixon AD333, AD333 Tour
AD333 Tour is a three-piece ball with a urethane cover, designed with a core compression to suit the vast majority of golfers (80-90mph). It’s a performance golf ball that works year round, and you can find it for under £30 a dozen. AD333 is also a great option, just at a lower price and without that urethane performance. 

TaylorMade AeroBurner Pro
At £24.99 this three-piece ball is designed to give the player excellent control while still being long off the tee. 

Nike RZN Black, Platinum, PD Long/Soft
The PD balls are Nike’s entry-level product and offer good distance and feel through their soft, fast cores. However, if you’re looking for value, you really want a ball that makes the biggest difference to your game and score. This takes us back to the urethane products, Black and Platinum. These are not massively high compression balls – 83 and 78 – so regular players will still get distance from them. 

Callaway Chrome Soft, Supersoft
Chrome Soft delivers tour performance, but at under £30 a dozen, it’s a lot cheaper than what would be considered other tour level balls on the market. Supersoft is another good option, blending distance and soft feel at a lower price. It does though lack that urethane performance.  

Wilson Staff FG Tour, DX3 Spin, DX2 Soft
At £19.99 for 12 DX2 is Wilson’s cheapest ball, but it won’t necessarily offer you the best value. That is offered by the best ball for you. If you are wayward off the tee, the soft and low-spinning DX2 increases your odds of being on the fairway; if you are consistent enough and need short-game help, then the urethane FG Tour is your best bet. If you are in between those extremes, then it’s the DX3.

Mizuno MP-X, MP-S, JPX
The best answer really is to test all three and see which suits you best. Pay close attention to the acoustics, as they will go a long way to dictate your long-term comfort and confidence with each ball. MP-S sounds softer, MP-X sounds richer and JPX more solid.