Benross HTX Compressor Driver Review

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  • RRP £149.00

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An improved Compressor Response Channel in the sole improves ball speeds across the entire club face to help maximise carry distance. Benross are committed to using quality components so the Kuro Kage shaft and Lamkin grip are similar to what you’ll find in other top of the range 2017 drivers.

Our verdict:

Benross have been the king of “value” drivers for the best part of 10 years and it’s fair to say the Compressor looks set to continue the trend. Its whole design just wreaks of forgiveness and playability, and by throwing in such an impressive package of components for less than £150 its just what lots of club golfers are after. The completely unoffensive head design delivered a bit more spin than most, which will help golfers flight shots to maximise carry distance without robbing them of distance. As most reasonable people would expect, the HTX at £320 less than the longest driver in our test gave up an average of 14 yards of carry distance across all three testers.

 Benross HTX Compressor Driver

Bottom line:

At £23 a yard to get as far down the fairway as a premium driver only you can decide which offers the soundest investment. If £150 is your budget for a new driver we reckon everyday golfers will be delighted with the HTX’s all-round fun and forgiveness package.      

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