Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver Review

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  • At a glance

  • TG Rating 4.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 4 out of 5
  • Pros

    Consensus was it feels like you can achieve more distance with less effort.

  • Cons

    The light feel will translate into more speed and distance for most, but not all. Takes time to get control of the clubface.

  • RRP £299.00

What we say...

Callaway’s new Big Bertha V Series driver is the lightest club it has ever made. It’s built for distance by allowing you to swing it faster. Similar in concept to the Optiforce driver we saw last year, the 460cc driver features a super-lightweight grip and shaft, lightweight head materials and aerodynamic shape, all contributing to its “Speed Optimised Technology”. One unique feature of the V Series drivers is how the design is optimised as the lofts progress. The two higher-lofted options weigh 290g (20g lighter than the standard Big Bertha), while the lowest lofted 9.5° driver has a total weight of 300g. It also has a lower CG location which is better-suited to the low loft. The drivers also boast a forged composite crown, Hyper Speed Face and Callaway’s OptiFit adjustable hosel.

Dr Alan Hocknell, Head of R&D, Callaway, said: “When designing a driver for speed, we're talking about improving the kinetic energy of the club, taking that extra energy and transferring it to the ball. We needed to lower the weight without reducing the club’s mass too much, so we also reduced the amount of aerodynamic drag created in the swing.”

On top, it’s your usual 460cc shape, quite rounded and very stealth-like in appearance with its all-black colour scheme. The Warbird sole is unusual in the way the heel and toe areas curve in, as is the see-through section, but it’s not off-putting.

It certainly feels lighter than most. Some may experience a reduction in clubhead awareness due to the lighter weight, which may affect timing. Not me though.

The combination of the head size, face technology and loft/lie angle adjustability makes this a very forgiving club.

Even though it feels lighter when you swing, this didn’t translate into more clubhead speed for me. If anything, my clubhead speed came down by about 1mph. But not everyone will swing a lighter club faster and my distance still increased compared to last year’s Big Bertha by six yards. So the rest of the clubhead technology delivers more distance and I do think that the majority of golfers, those around the 95mph mark, will see an increase in clubhead speed and therefore even more distance.

Watch the video (above) to hear Callaway explain which golfers the Big Bertha V Series Driver will suit. 

Click here to find out more about the accompanying Big Bertha V Series Fairway Wood

See how the Callaway BB V Series Driver got on in TG's 2015 Drivers Test!

Drivers Test 2015


TG Tester Reviews:
James Ridyard, Professional:
Joel Tadman, Equipment Editor:


TG Tester Reviews:

James Ridyard, Professional:
A familiar Callaway shape. It felt easy to swing quickly and launched fairly high without too much spin for my faster swing speed. Struggled with accuracy a little.

Joel Tadman, Equipment Editor:
Lighter weight didn’t increase club speed but distance was still impressive; there’s a lot of tech in the head that aids performance. The deep face inspires confidence and it’s very forgiving on off- centre hits, both in direction and ball speed.

Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableYes
Grip TypeDiamond Universal 46-gram Red
Head Size460cc
Lofts9°, 10.5°, 13.5°
ShaftsSpeeder 565, Bassara 42-gram

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Callaway Drivers User Reviews

  • 4 out of 5 TG Tester Review

    By Robin Hopkins

    Great to look at. Though I didn’t feel in total control of it during the swing, it was one of my longer clubs on test.

  • 4 out of 5 TG Tester Review

    By Joel Cunningham

    I felt I could hit it harder because it was lighter and seemed to be more forgiving. Poor strikes stayed pretty straight.

  • 5 out of 5 Straight & Long

    By Chris45

    Was fitted for this club with a Accra MT70 Dymatch 2.0 M4 shaft. I used to have a titleist 910 D2 and this goes 10 to 20 yards further and is significantly straighter. I've have had it a month a feel it will help reduce my handicap this year.

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