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Cobra F-Max Driver Review: You Should Know 

Specifically designed for golfers with moderate swing speeds. Back and heel side weighting offers maximum draw bias and higher launching drives for more carry. Lighter shafts and overall weight, plus an o set hosel, generate speed and help eliminate a slice.

Cobra F-Max driver

Cobra F-Max Driver Review: We Say

Back in the ’90s King Cobra o set drivers were all the rage, particularly among senior golfers, and it’s this heritage Cobra has tapped into with the F-Max. Higher lofts, lighter swing weights and off set hosels are all really useful at helping lower swing speed golfers hit it straighter and further more often. During our testing we didn’t need the brain power of Einstein to decipher F-Max is aimed at a very different audience to the other drivers here. Even at Simon’s average swing speed the F-Max launched shots 4° higher, with 2500rpm more back spin than average, which meant shots ew high, but not very far. But we’re not the target golfer for this model. It’s very nicely set-up to perform for slow- swinging golfers who really need more air time.

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Cobra F-Max Driver Review: Verdict 

A particularly good option for senior golfers who’ll benefit from the Max’s additional launch capabilities. As a rough guide you’re highly likely to need a sub 75mph driver swing speed to get the best out of the F-Max. No hosel or sliding weight adjustability means prices are much more sensible, too.

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