Cobra Fly-Z Driver Review

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  • At a glance

  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 4.3 out of 5
  • Pros

    Really does offer something for everyone’s swing and colour preference.

  • Cons

    Good players may want more workability.

  • RRP £249.00

What we say...

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Engineered to deliver the ultimate blend of maximum distance and increased forgiveness. The low, back CG Zone Weighting delivers low spin, mid-high launch and fast ball speeds across the face.


The E9 Zone Face structure and Crown Zone Weighting combine to create a large amount of discretionary weight in an all titanium driver. The weight saved is strategically positioned low and back in the head where the back zone weight is located. (Note: the Fly-Z driver in its fixed, back CG position yields approximately 1 degree of increased launch angle and approximately 300 RPM’s of additional spin than the Fly-Z+ driver in the back FlipZone position, and is more stable on off-center hits).

MyFly8 technology allows golfers to choose from eight simple adjustable loft/trajectory settings (9.0o-12.0o) to maximize distance and manage trajectory while SmartPad delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting.


Cobra is the latest company to incorporate a moveable weight in the sole of the club to change its launch characteristics. 

Designed to deliver distance with increased forgiveness, the Fly-Z driver has the 15-gram weight fixed in the low, back position. This is said to offer about a degree higher launch and 300rpm more spin than the Fly-Z+ driver, and be more stable on off-centre hits.

All three new 460cc drivers – the Fly-Z, Fly-Z+ and Fly-Z XL – feature Cobra’s new Speed Channel Technology, a trench around the perimeter of the face designed to increase ball speed. Forgiveness is also boosted by ‘Forged E9 Zone Face’ technology, which removes weight from key areas behind the face and hosel to increase the size of the sweetspot. Additionally, a new titanium body, carbon fibre crown and sole pieces enhance discretionary weight positioned low in the head to achieve distance and forgiveness.

Features FlipZone technology within the 460cc head whereby a 15-gram weight can be positioned in the centre or rear of the sole. This is said to change the launch and spin, creating two ball flights in one head. A Speed Channel behind the face boost ball speeds across the face.

Not too dissimilar from above to the BiO CELL driver with the graphics along the back of the crown and the colours on offer – both traditional and bright. Looks at address to be one of the larger better player models out there, arguably via a slightly shallower face.

Quite firm feeling at impact, which many will like, and very powerful. As eye catching as the look is, the sound will also catch your attention: loud and metallic.

The ball flight was pretty stable away from the sweetspot. Having the weight back is a good way to add spin and gain control of the ball’s curve while increasing carry.

The flippable weight in the sole delivers on its promise, I experienced on average at least 300rpm less spin with the weight in the forward position, resulting in five more yards of total distance compared to the rear position, with more roll. The flight was more penetrating too – I imagine the forward position will be the chosen one by most of its target market. It’s a little fiddly to take out and reposition but the performance benefits are worth it, allowing you to flip it and rip it.

Details: RRP £249. On sale from January 20, 2015.

See how the Cobra Fly-Z Driver got on in TG’s 2015 Drivers Test!

Drivers Test 2015


TG Tester Reviews:

James Ridyard, Professional:
The hollow, echoey sound was off-putting, but I enjoyed the mid-to-high flight with low spin. I was amazed at how much ball speed was maintained on off-centre hits... forgiveness was seriously impressive.

Joel Tadman, Equipment Editor:
I didn’t spin the Fly-Z+ with the weight forward enough so I opted for the extra forgiveness of the Fly-Z in a low loft. The larger head aided confidence and control.

Product Information

Left Handed available Yes
Custom-Fit available Yes
Adjustability Yes
Head Size 460cc
Lofts 9.5°, 10.5°, 11.5°

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Cobra Drivers User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Confidence

    By Liam Cummings

    Having outgrown my previous driver I spent months swinging respective replacements and reading reviews. This driver fills me with confidence every time I line up, it's easily added a good 15 yards+ without fail and the adjustability through degrees and draw ensures the right fit.

  • 4 out of 5 TG Tester Review

    By Robin Hopkins

    I got better numbers from the standard Fly-Z, increasing the launch without adding too much spin, but it has a higher pitched sound than the Fly-Z+.

  • 4 out of 5 TG Tester Review

    By Joel Cunningham

    The high-launch nature of the head suited my swing. It felt hot from a wide area and more spin helped increase carry.