Honma Tour World TW747 460 Review

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What we say...

The TWorld747 455 460 is designed using HONMA’s Proprietary Adjustability System. HONMA say this technology allows golfers to adjust the loft of the club to create their desired shot shape without rotating the spine of the shaft to improve both ball flight and distance.

The crown of the TWorld747 driver is crafted from an extremely light ET40 carbon with a ribbed groove structure.

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Behind the clubface, HONMA’s new 4 Fang Technology deploys four metal studs that due to their strategic position, increase strength and energy across the face to deliver faster ball speeds and greater distances.

The 460 model is slightly more forgiving (than the smaller 455cc model) and uses interchangeable weights to manage spin.

Need to know:

The driver World No.1 Justin Rose is using in 2019. Honma’s adjustable hosel allows loft, lie and face angle to be changed, without rotating the spine aligned shaft. It means greater consistency when dialling the driver in to suit your game. A light, ribbed carbon crown frees weight, allowing two sole weights (9g and 2g) to create either a deep or forward CG.

We say:

Many will say Justin Rose took a huge risk switching from TaylorMade to Honma, when he was right at the top. But it only took him two starts to win with it. While we liked the simple, traditional look of the TW747, it didn’t rip up any trees in terms of launch monitor numbers. It put in a solid performance, especially when you consider it was up against some of the most advanced drivers ever.

TG Verdict:

Honma is much better known for making lovely, forged irons. But this is the driver that might start to change that. Rose has already won with this very model, which says a lot about how he feels about it, and there’s absolutely nothing to dislike about it.

The stock Honma shaft wasn’t the best fit for our test pro – we’d like to see some more options available – even though it’s the one Rose is using. But as the first driver from Honma’s rebirth, it is a solid foundation to build on.

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