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  • TG Rating 4 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • RRP £199.00

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Opinion was split on last year’s Mizuno drivers and woods. The Mizuno MP-600, with all its fancy weight adjustability, looks the part and is packed with technology. Yet it is not to everyone’s taste.

It’s the same with the Mizuno MX-560 driver. Equipment Editor Jon Greathead put one into play for a couple of months last year and has mixed feelings. “It’s great looking and is accurate and fairly forgiving, but it is too loud!”

So Mizuno went to work. The piercing sound that vexed our man has been replaced by a more solid ‘thud’ at impact in the new Mizuno MX-700, thanks to a ‘vibration dampening internal hull’.

2009, Updated Model – Review

Grain-aligned titanium face boosts forgiveness and power
Mizuno are well known to TG readers for making great irons. But while their grain-flow forged offerings have become industry  standard-setters, the woods department has not seen the same kind of broad approval.
Happily, this is where the MX700 steps up. Replacing the MX560, the latest offering features a plasma-welded face which helps increase ball speeds off all parts of the face. This is thanks to what they are calling Ti9, based on the face that metal, like wood, has a grain which can be orientated either to boost strength or limit it. The grain in the titanium face of the MX700 runs vertically from sole to crown, a design that expands the driver’s sweetspot.
Clubhead weighting is designed to help the golfer achieve penetrating drives. The wide geometry of the head means a low CG and big sweetspot – leading to impressive launches and low spinning tee shots.
Looks-wise, our team found themselves split – George thought it was an absolute 'Bobby Dazzler', but Roy wasn’t so keen on the graphics on the top of the club.
But where all of our crew were in agreement was in the performance of the MX700 – it was stunning. Long, booming drives were very much the order of the day, with dispersion figures also favourable.
This is the best Mizuno driver we’ve seen for a while, in our opinion... and the fact that you can get hold of it for less than 200 beer vouchers only serves to add to what is a fantastic package.

Ratings (out of 5):

 Looks: 4.1   Feel: 4.8   Noise: 4.8   Grip: 4.5   Distance: 4   Dispersion: 4

2010 Review:

We sprang a surprise last year when we awarded this Mizuno driver a gold award in our big dog test – but it was with good reason; the MX-700 is a terrific club and has proved that by once again finishing in our top three. They may be known more for their irons but our testers agreed that Mizuno had come up with a real cracker in the MX-700. It is designed with an ultra-thin Hot Metal Titanium face, which has been plasmawelded to ensure high ball speeds across the entire face. David agreed with this, awarding the MX-700 top marks for forgiveness and commenting that he felt really confident going after drives with this because even if he missed the centre of the face he would still be happy with the result. Pro Chris said it was a big-looking clubhead that inspired confidence but the styling meant it still looked clean behind the ball. He was impressed by the powerful feel off the face and insisted this would be a good driver for all levels of player. Leon also enjoyed the feel off the face, claiming it was solid and powerful although he wasn’t as sold on the looks because of the graphics on the crown. However, it was his second longest on test so he admitted he wasn't too bothered about the looks!
John was already a big fan of the Mizuno MP-630 but admitted this would give him more help on his off days. He also liked the look and feel, so this would probably be a more sensible option in his bag. Once again a deserved gold award for the MX-700 and at less than 200 beer tokens this will prove a terrific choice for many golfers in 2010!

Rating (out of 5):

Looks: 4.1   Feel: 4.1   Noise:4.1   Forgiveness: 4   Distance: 4.4   Dispersion: 4.3

The Mizuno MX-700 Driver has a grain aligned titanium face to boost both power and forgiveness and also includes a weight adjustibility feature.

This driver is an awesome piece of kit that looks set to take the market by storm in 2010. The Hot metal Ti-9 titanium face and reinforced hull gives a solid sound to Mizuno’s most forgiving, high MOI performance driver. The Ti-9 technology allows the weight to be positioned very low and deep so that very little backspin is imparted on the golf ball. The driver is designed to give a pentrating ball flight.

The club also features, inevitably, an extremely high level of MOI (resistance to twisting) which provides forgiveness on ‘off-centre’ strikes. Plus, the ball flight of the new Mizuno MX-700 is fantastic. We were sent a 10.5˚ big dog and the ball absolutely soared.

Overall, this is a big improvement, on initial inspection, from the Mizuno MX-560. Mizuno disciples will love the looks, but even ‘non-believers’ should take a good look. With a retail price of £199 you really can’t go wrong. The MP-600, with its slidey weights will still be available, for £269.

A full range of custom options are available. 

Lofts: RH 9.5, 10.5, 12, 13.5; LH 9.5, 10.5. With a titanium head, graphite shaft. This driver is available in both ladies and gents and for both left handed and right handed models. 

Contact: www.mizuno.eu or 0800 328 0180

Product Information

Left Handed available
Custom-Fit availableNo
Grip Type
Head Size460cc
Lofts9.5°, 10.5°, 12°

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Mizuno Drivers User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Awsome performance

    By luisenrodrigo

    I bought the MX700 with 10.5º and still can't believe how such a piece of kit can be sold for just 120€...    Ball  explodes over the face and flyes a real long and straight.  I love the ball flight, high but penetrating with nearly no spin at all, it seems the ball gets higher and further progresively untill you just can't follow it !  I'm gettin around 10 yards more than my previous HiBoreXL 9.5º Red with no effort, with no dispersion sacrified and with a lower percentage os miss-hits. Very easy to hit, perfect trajectory, very long and very forgiving.    It performs as good as the best drivers I've ever tested (Taylor Made, Callaway, Cleveland...), and price is just a steal.  Perhaps the only "fail" is that is made to be straight, so ball working is a little limited, but for a mid handicaper as I am, the straighter the better.

  • 5 out of 5 game-changing club

    By barkers111

    My local pro helped identify that this club, aside fom being well made..etc, came in a HL (high loft) variety and he insisted that this would suit me moreso than any other club on the market. Indeed, this 14 degree effort has absolutely changed my game. I'm tall and hit down into the ball, so find height a little hard to generate. I can fairly whack the ball with this club and i'm reminded of that as the THUMP near deafens you. I take that thought with me to the next hole and so on and so forth. Never realised a single club could change a game plan so much.

  • 5 out of 5 A driver to match the irons at last

    By mikeuk8

    Went to a demo day looking at irons (although the MP 52's were only a few months old). We golfers are suckers for new stuff. However they had this driver and I tried it with the help of the mizuno guys and trackman. Hit 12 balls with my current driver (Tour Burner, 10.5, regular) and 12 with the 10.5, regular, exshaft Mizuno. Carry was 15 yards further, dispersion was around 20% less. These facts were incredible. However being a suspicious guy I then took a demo version onto the course. The results of the demo day were correct. Regularly carrying the ball further and keeping in the short grass. I have been looking to try and get my 11 handicap down to single figs and this is going to help me do this. Other factors were the spin rate was better and the launch angle much better than the burner. Now the burner is a good driver and I was not looking for a new one however ignoring all these details would have been silly. Whether it is a good club for all is debateable. The really serious golfer off low single figure will probably prefer drivers such as the titleist 909.... But for us golfers who really only want to hit it straight then this club does the job for you (providing that you do have the basics right from lessons) Needless to say it is now in my bag and the last 3 rounds were played below handicap. Try one and see for yourself.

  • 5 out of 5 mx 700

    By yobbzy

    This driver is the dogs dang-lies.  It is easily the best driver Mizuno have done for years.  The ball explodes off the face and fly's.  This will scare the likes of Taylormade, Callaway as it easily out performs them at nearly half the price. 

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