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The Nickent 4DX Driver is a stylish model boasting a 460cc head to aid power and forgiveness. It is available with varying degrees of loft and shaft stiffness.

The Nickent 4DX Driver - Now Available in Gorgeous Special Edition PVD Black

The fastest growing driver on the Nationwide Tour is to be  available in a special edition black finish that makes this driver the "Golf Bling of the Year", according to some of the top players on the Nationwide Tour. All of the great attributes of the 4DX Driver are built into this exclusive club, including significantly longer distance and a tighter dispersion and it now features a gorgeous black PVD finish . PVD is an ion plating process used in high technology applications where improved product quality and increased corrosion resistance are important

Just like the 4DX Driver  the 4DX SE has a .4 mm laser welded thin titanium crown that is the secret to its success. The thinnest crown available in any driver makes the raw weight of this 460 CC driver is180 grams, one of the lightest of any raw 460 CC driver heads on the market. Two XW weight cartridges add sixteen grams of weight and help to deliver a powerful punch for maximum distance.

The 4DX SE Driver is available in 9 ° , 10.5 ° , and 12 ° with a UST SR3 shaft, available in R-Lite, Regular and Stiff flexes. It will retail for $299/£150.


Product Information

Left Handed available
Custom-Fit availableNo
Grip Type
Head Size460cc

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