Nike Golf SQ SUMO2 5900 Driver Review

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  • TG Rating 3.5 out of 5
  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • RRP £320.00

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Nike claim the SQ SUMO2 5900 Driver is their straightest driver ever. A deeper face and even squarer design has further optimised head stability and produced the max MOI. Although lacking some distance and penetration for our pro, our amateurs found it extremely forgiving and easy to launch and that’s what this striking looking driver is designed to do.

Pro Verdict: This sounds and feels much better than the previous Nike square model but it didn’t suit me at all and everything wanted to go left.

Tester Comments: “A much improved version and I love the profile”... “Looks fantastic”... “My favourite square driver, feels quite powerful”... “Looks okay and is a solid performer”.

Nike pushed the shape in all directions to improve performance. The SQ SUMO 2 5900 has a deeper face, a convex crown, and redefined body shaping to increase ball speed and accuracy.
Nike PowerBow Weighting: Weight is repositioned to the farthest corners of the Nike PowerBow design, optimizing head stability and delivering ultimate accuracy.
Multi Thickness Face: Nike delivered the geometry for stability, the shafts for control and speed, and now they’ve optimized the entire face to maximize faster ball speeds from every point on the face.

Price: £320. Contact: 0800 0561640

Your Reviews

Nike Drivers User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Kaboom!

    By daveyboss

     I love this driver, had the original nike sq 460, but it liked to drift high and right too much, Got hold of this bad boy and it flies straight and true even on off centre strikes, not a miracle stick though, if you slice or hook badly this wont cure it only practice and lessons do that! In Summary: Swoosh! BOOM! Whoa that's long! Cheers and applause!!

  • 5 out of 5 awesome!!!! the final piece of kit in my nike arsenal!!!

    By jamie foden

    i must admit im  nike golf obsessed! i have not used my old sumo round 460 driver for over a year as i was slicing it everywhere and lost my cofidence off the tee. i used the square nike hybrid usually. but just bought the sumo 5900 and first shot at the range was 260 yards straight/ wow i thought!!  its fitted with a proforce ust stiff shaft which looks amazing.  after a few hits hitting 250 or more each time landing on the fairway i started really putting my weight behind the shots and wow i have never seen my ball go so far and so straight.  this is the club for me and it matches my square 3 and 5 woods. i should have gone square with the driver sooner!!   get one quick!!

  • 5 out of 5 Nike SasQuatch SUMO2 5900 Driver

    By maxim

    I bust the bank a few months ago to buy myself these top of the range Nike clubs. Driving is the most important part of your game, and using the Nike SasQuatch SUMO2 5900 Driver would be a brilliant investment. First off, if the ball is going here there and everywhere except straight down the middle of the fairway, you know you are the one to blame; not the club. When you do get your whole body and hands round at the point of impact, the driver does what is does best. You get perfectly straight shots that seem to fly on and on and on. I have tried all of the MOI square club faced drivers (The callayways and srixons etc) and theNike SasQuatch SUMO2 5900 Driver has much better feel and is a top top top quality driver. This driver is the future of golf. So anybody lingering over buying a new overpriced Taylor Made driver look no further, because this driver is hard to put down once you start using it! 

  • 4 out of 5 This club should impress!

    By DonnieDarko

    Driving is one of the stronger aspects of my game and I have been playing with the Ping G5 for the last 2 years. The G5 is a great club and the G10 was about to replace it this spring.. until by chance I tried the Sumo 5900.. which is now consequently in the bag.. I have lost 5-10 yards of length (5-10 Yards)with the 5900 in comparison to the Ping, but the improved accuracy and ball flight more than make up for that. I now step up to the tee with confidence that the ball will end up on the fairway or there abouts. The forgiveness of this club is immense! The Sumo also lets you add shape to shots but without having to worry about them converting into a slice or hook!

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