Nike Golf SQ Machspeed Str8-Fit Driver Review

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  • Owner Rating 5 out of 5
  • RRP £240.00

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Nike SQ Machspeed Str8-Fit Driver was new for 2010. Total Swing Aerodynamics. The SQ Machspeed driver optimises aerodynamics throughout the swing to deliver more speed than any other previous Nike driver.

The design of this driver is aimed at making it more stable throughout the swing. And it is claimed to increase clubhead speed.

Titanium head, graphite shaft, gents, LH, RH.

Lofts: 9.5, 10.5.


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  • 5 out of 5 Nike SQ Machspeed Driver

    By Gavin Elliot

    I have been looking to replace my Cobra Speed LD to get a bit more length - average "true" drive 200 yds. I tried the 2 new Taylor Mades - Burner & R11. The Burner had too long a shaft and I found it totally inconsistent. The R11 did not impress either - crammed with some seemingly pointless gimmicks(ie the adjustable soleplate which only has any effect if the club is grounded). Having read the TG driver review I tried the Nike. Nirvana! Great ease of use, light to swing and easily another 20 yds. This club swings light and I guess may not be the right buy for a strong hitter. But if you are a swinger of the club rather than a slasher, you might find it hard to do better   5 stars!

  • 5 out of 5 Exceptional - the hype is absolutely true

    By glynosullivan

    Bought the round version (Black) with 11.5 loft as usually deloft clubs with my swing.Struggled with drivers since I ,sady, sold my 13 deg Ignite.Drives went well from first hit on range to first strike in anger on my home course (Celtic Manor)This machspeed black has given me huge confidence on the tee after avoiding drivers for 2-3 years.I hit my first 300yd drive last week (slightly assisted by a sloping fairway)nonetheless a first for me.Totally smitten with this design masterpiece.My precious....

  • 5 out of 5 Great driver!!!!!


    I bought this driver (round head version) a few weeks ago after being fitted at American Golf. I should have used it on the range but it felt really good comapred to the new Taylormade Burner and the Ping K15 so went with it. I played a round a few weeks ago and everything was going right but long (I have a bad slice), but I adjusted the head for my latest round and the change is fantastic!!!! It is the straightest I have ever hit a ball and I tend not take too much notice of people who say they suddenly hit the ball 50 yards further with a new club but this has genuinley added 20 yards off the tee. On the looks front the head is really nice, but slightly bigger than I'm used to (Taylormade R580), but the black face really finishes the club off. It is really easy to adjust the head, and the sound at impact isn't the kind that will have other players looking around. I have only played a few rounds with it but it is very forgiving. I would defintiely recommend this to players of all abilities and at £190.00 it is a lot cheaper than a few of its competitors