Ping G SF Tec Driver Review

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All the same aerodynamic engineering tech as the standard G driver but with extra weight positioned closer to the heel to create a right-to-left shot shape. A lighter swingweight means you should swing the SF-Tec quicker and it gives a fraction more time to square the face at impact, helping iron out the slice that affects 80% of golfers.


Our verdict:

We’ve said how clever Ping’s driver set up is and its genius shines through with the SF-Tec. Usually draw biased drivers sit really closed at address which is a look that puts many golfers off the very clubs that could help them. The G’s different as the SF-Tec looks just as good in the play position as the other G drivers. How did it perform? Well all three testers definitely saw an increase in club speed thanks to the slightly lower swingweight. None of our testers were a perfect fit for the SF’s Straight Flight tech but it literally was within a few yards of each testers best shots with their favourite G driver.   

Ping G SF Tec Driver

Bottom line:

A very good golf club that could play an important role in many golfers bags who want a bit of extra help to curb a slice.  We love how the head doesn’t come with the stigma of being a predominantly game improvement driver even though it’s got the ability to seriously help your game.


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Product Information

Lofts: 10deg, 12deg

Stock shaft: Alta 55, Tour 65, Tour 80

Adjustable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: +/- 1deg

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