RAM QUB3 PRO Driver 2008 Review

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  • Owner Rating 4 out of 5
  • RRP £129.99

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Jam packed with the very latest game enhancing technology, the ultra forgiving , ultra long QUB3 Pro driver is distinctively square in shape and designed to give golfers maximum ability to hit fairway splitting drives, even from off-centre hits. The QUBE 3 PRO uses Rams unique square construction principle a feat of golf club engineering that re-positions all the effective weight to the four corners of the club head. This stabilises the outer perimeter of the 460cc forged titanium club face when striking the ball, reducing horizontal and vertical twisting, producing long straight hitting. Fitted with the latest VS proto shaft from aldila and DD2 Golf pride grip. AVAILABLE IN : 9.5 R & S, 10.5 R & S, 12 R, 14 deg R MENS 12, 14 deg LADIES.

Price: £129.99

Contact: 01895 813613
Website: www.ramgolf.co.uk

Head: Titanium

Shaft: Graphite

Gender: Male, Female

Type: Right Handed, Left Handed

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  • 4 out of 5 You'll be surprised...

    By Anonymous

    Based on a lot of magazines this is a very average driver, the first ever time I hit a ball with this it went a huge distance on an extremely windy day. I made a par on the 1st and 2nd holes. This club claims to be 460cc's, it was dwarfed comparing it to a few other square 460cc drivers but this is what I loved. The head is compact yet the face is huge and forgiving, I do admit I slice it, even with this driver, but this should straighten out those off-centre hits. I found that using the QUB3 Pro I hit the ball higher, the shaft on the club is brilliant and definitely adds some distance, and after the ball lands it will roll forever. Setting up the with head does look strange, ugly to some people but it's a great club. It also makes a 'tinny' noise. Yes, I would like it to look like a Callaway FTi but the RAM does look okay. Testing this along side a MacGregor NVG2 Draw I say personally I hit them similar distances, the MacGregor is brilliant for stopping a slice but the QUB3 seems more workable. I think it's an under-rated club and you should try it, it's only £99.00 and for the money it's a good performer. If you prefer a smaller head than the MD Golf square driver then have a look at this one.