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TaylorMade’s SIM driver focuses on controlling spin and adjustability

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The TaylorMade SIM (Shape in Motion) driver is one of three 2020 drivers from TaylorMade and focuses on controlling spin and dialling shot bias, while the SIM MAX focuses on forgiveness, and the Max D SIM is their draw-bias driver.

The SIM driver is all about aerodynamics and geometry: Combining an asymmetrical sole with tested technologies such as speed injected twist-face and a multi-material carbon crown, TaylorMade have created a driver that places a premiem on increasing clubhead speed through the downswing.

What TaylorMade say about the SIM driver

SIM allows the player who craves customisation and adjustability to optimise ball flight characteristics by creating a +/- 20 yards of draw fade bias through Sliding Weight Technology and a single 10g weight. It features a slightly smaller face than SIM Max and SIM Max D, appealing to players who place a premium on adjustability and control.

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What you need to know about the SIM driver

TaylorMade’s M-series drivers have been part of the brand’s product line-up since the M1 launched in 2015. The marque has been around for five years, which says “M” really hit the spot with consumers and on Tour.

Designing M led TaylorMade down a road of carbon-fibre-fuelled discovery, creating innovations like TwistFace and Speed Injection, which has allowed the company to post gains of 2mph of ball speed per year.

But TaylorMade believe now is the time to retire M, take everything they’ve learnt from all six M models and move on. And where “M” pioneered new materials, the focus has switched to geometry in 2020’s SIM drivers.

WATCH: TaylorMade SIM drivers tested

TaylorMade’s engineers have come up with a brand new “Shape in Motion” concept, which improves aerodynamics at the point in the swing where drivers experience most drag – from nine o’clock to six o’clock in the  downswing – or just before impact, where you need speed to peak.

According to TaylorMade, typical drivers aren’t optimised for this critical point in the swing – most focus on speed in a straight line, not a swing arc.

TaylorMade SIM Driver graphic

But by throwing the kitchen sink of aerodynamic analytics at SIM  – thanks to an enormous wind tunnel and sophisticated 3D motion analysis tech – TaylorMade has optimised three new drivers with a new “asymmetrical” sole, which targets how the head rotates aerodynamically through 45° at impact.

And initial internal testing (including with TaylorMade’s tour payers) shows a gain of 2 mph in ball speed over M, which could rinse out an extra three-five yards from a club golfer’s swing.

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TaylorMade SIM driver: Key Features

SIM Driver comparison

TaylorMade have learnt from experience

TaylorMade say golfers don’t need super low-spin drivers, and even the best players like Rory McIlroy positioned weight in the M drivers towards the back of the head. So the SIM driver has 12g of mass right on the extremities of the “inertia generator”, which delivers high MOI and forgiveness.

Shape in Motion

The asymmetrical, curved sole optimises sole aerodynamics right where golfers create most speed. So it’s super slick when you create speed and not just optimized to perform in a straight line at impact. DJ’s swing speed at the nine o’clock position is 90mph; at impact (six o’clock) it’s 120mph; the SIM driver is designed specifically to perform at this moment of truth.

TM SIM driver Face

Sliding weight and speed pocket

TaylorMade say because the new head is so efficient, a 10g sliding forward weight is sufficient to give up to 20 yards of draw/fade bias. A straight-through speed pocket means the face isn’t attached at the bottom, like TaylorMade’s P790 irons.

New cosmetics

SIM has had a makeover cosmetically, too. A chrome carbon-fibre crown and grey-tinged chalk paint give a sleek appearance. Both are taken from the automotive industry. 

TaylorMade SIM Driver

TaylorMade SIM Driver: First hit

What’s really noticeable with the SIM driver is how everything that’s worked from previous M models has been improved. Gone are the days of wiping the drawing board clean after a year and starting from scratch.

The new chromed carbon-fibre crown gives the SIM family a cracking new look and thanks to its structural integrity this driver sounds and feels brilliant at impact. The chalk paint job is a lovely step forward and we love how all three drivers bear the same name; a TaylorMade first.

TaylorMade say their tour players will be split 50-50 between the SIM and SIM Max driver. For us, the majority of club golfers will be well suited to the slightly more forgiving SIM Max.



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Simon Daddow is the Equipment Editor at todaysgolfer.co.uk
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Product Information

TaylorMade SIM driver

RRP: £479

Lofts: 8° / 9° / 10.5°

Stock shafts: Mitsubishi Diamana S Limited 60, Project X HZRDUS Smoke Green 70

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 2°)

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