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The new VM-X driver benefits from Yonex’s new V-Slot head technology. Along with a tungsten weight, this lowers the CG of the club, which helps you to get that ball in the sky. As for the head shape – they call it “aero-pentagon” – it’s designed to reduce air resistance and boost stability. The irons have been designed with forgiveness in mind – the V-Con Core cavity makes the club easy to hit, while the triangular weighting system helps maintain stability – always a good thing for accuracy.

The Yonex VMX driver features V-Slot technology to lower the centre of gravity for optimum distance-enhacing trajectory. It also uses the Aero-Pentagon shaped head for increased accuracy and swing speed through minimising air resistance. The tungsten weight further reduces the centre of gravity whilst helping square the face at impact. The VM-X range of woods also features the Yonex-engineered HS6000 Carbon Graphite shaft that incorporates Hi-Stability technology for improved accuracy and the Centrifugal Force System (CFS) for greater distance.

Contact: 0208 742 977
Web: www.yonex.co.uk

Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit available
Grip Type
Head Size460cc
Lofts9°, 10.5°, 12°, 14°
ShaftsYonex HS6000

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Yonex Drivers User Reviews

  • 5 out of 5 Great for high handicappers like me

    By timdear

    I just bought one of these after trying out a range of drivers. I tested a TaylorMade Burner, TaylorMade r7 (last years), Cleveland Monster, Cleveland Launcher, Ping G10, Cobra SR9 and Yonex VMX.  I don't know how good the Monster was really, the sound was so loud I couldn't stand it and only hit a couple before rejecting it. After about 10 balls with each of the others it came down to a choive between the Yonex, the Ping G10 and the Cobra SR9 and I must have hit 150 or more balls with the 3 of them as well as my old Ping G2 for comparison. The G10 felt lovely on a good hit but slightly mis-hit shots were wide enough to be just off the fairway and felt horrible (not good for ones confidence!). Bad shots, particularly as I got tired as the testing went on, were wide enough to be in real trouble or out of bounds. The Cobra was similar, though with seemingly less good hits and it just didn't feel as nice to swing. Good hits did go a very long way though. The Yonex was a revelation. Good hits were dead straight, with maybe 20 yards less carry than the Cobra, and there were a much higher percentage of them, maybe because the club felt so nice to swing. The main difference was slightly mis-hit seemed almost as straight, just 20 yards or so shorter. Perhaps that's why I thought I was hitting more good shots, because of the lack of punishment. Bad shots were also straighter than the other 2, even really poor shots wouldn't have been to far off most fairways I play. The one thing that nearly put me off was the sound, this is a loud club (but not as bad as the Monster). One thing to note, I had put off getting a new Driver as I liked my G2, hit it well and didn't think trading up would make much difference. I was wrong! The Yonex was the shortest of the three I chose but was considerably longer than my G2, like 30 yards longer and half the width on mis-hits. Lets hope it's as good on the course.