Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway wood Review

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  • TG Rating 4.3 out of 5
  • Owner Rating Not yet rated
  • Pros

    One of the easiest to strike from the deck. Long too.

  • Cons

    Shallow face reduces playability from the tee.

  • RRP £149.00

What we say...

This is Adams’ first fairway wood to feature its Cut-Through Velocity Slot Technology, giving the Tight Lies twice the CT (spring-like effect) of the original. The “upside-down” head design makes the sole very rounded, with the middle section deeper than the edges. Features fifth-generation slot technology, including a patented “Ghost Slot” on the crown which is nearly invisible, increasing ball speeds and launch than previous slots.

As reviewed in our 2014 Fairway Woods Test
Extremely small head may be intimidating even for good players. Upside-down head from the original works, it’s very good from rough and fairway. Quality finish and is huge improvement on the last model by filling in the sole on top of the crown. Small head packs plenty of punch. Quite a shallow face so would tee it very low but really nice to hit from the deck. Ball seemed to launch effortlessly. Feels solid and very powerful. Lots to like. Easy to strike and find the middle – despite it being compact.

As reviewed in our 2013 First Hits: "I was able to alter the trajectory and got a decent flight out of the rough, too. Launch comes easily, though the flight isn’t so high that you’re losing out into the wind. I carried it 238 yards off a short tee; 228 yards off a mat, with a ball speed of 150/152mph. The first thing that strikes you at address is the compact head and that large slot. Fairway woods average around the 175cc mark, but this is 133cc. The size won’t boost the confidence of higher handicappers – the 14° head will appeal to only the best of strikers.

"Almost every shot felt like it came out of the heel, but when I looked up, they were all sailing down the fairway with a touch of draw. Higher than my current fairway wood, but not by much, given the high-launch nature of the club and the 16° loft. Mis-strikes certainly held their line and I was able to hit the low stinger. It’s quite a hard, dull sound that lacks that explosive power.

"Sky-high forgiveness. It’s difficult to curve the ball, making it a great solution from the deck when spin levels are higher than from the tee. I had to grip down to nail it from the turf.

"This club launches the ball high, but without sacrificing any distance. It’s certainly easy to hit it straight with well-struck shots and mis-hits not deviating too much in flight. It is also a reasonably flexible weapon while, true to its name, its compact head works very well from a cuppy lie.

"Lacks feedback on well-struck shots. The head size won’t please the eye of inconsistent ball strikers and the slot on top, while a distance aid, is large and might prove off-putting to some.'

Product Information

Left Handed availableYes
Custom-Fit availableYes
ShaftsMRC Bassara Eagle
Lofts14.0°, 16.0°, 19.0°, 22.0°

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