Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway Review

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  • RRP £200.00

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Cleveland have engineered their Launcher HB fairway woods for excellent distance with a focus on playability.

Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway: You need to know

The whole story with Launcher HB is simple distance with excellent forgiveness. Cleveland reckon by removing all adjustability and simply focusing on speed and playability they’ve hit the jackpot. A Hi-Bore crown lowers and deepens the centre of gravity, Flex-Fins in the sole direct more energy back at the golf ball for excellent distance and speed retention especially on off-centre hits.   

Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway

Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway: We say

Removing adjustability from fairways isn’t the end of the world by our reckoning, we’ve listened to Cleveland and their argument (it means more weight to position to influence spin, forgiveness and shot bias) is compelling. But it means taking a massive punt on a single shaft which you hope suits hordes of golfers swing speeds and launch conditions. And that’s a tricky call to make.

We reckon the Launcher is a decent looking fairway wood, if our testers had a niggle it’s how the white shaft looks longer than what it actually is, which for less confident golfers will undoubtedly zap a bit of confidence. Performance wise Launcher certainly didn’t produce the fastest ball speeds or longest carrying shots for any tester, but that wouldn’t stop us from recommending them, they’re a solid option from the deck and tee.               

Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway: Verdict

Cleveland will hate us for saying it but we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t point out how TaylorMade’s excellent M4 fairway is just £29 further up the price ladder. If £200 is your absolute budget for a new fairway (and your game doesn’t warrant the offset Cobra F-Max).   then it’s an all-out fight between the Launcher and Cobra F8 in our book.


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