Cobra King F7 Fairway Review

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What we say...

Cobra’s King F7 Fairway Wood is an excellent blend of performance and forgiveness for amateur golfers


Cobra’s King F7 Fairway: The Tech

The Cobra King F7 fairway’s baffler sole rails get deeper or shallower depending on the loft to improve turf interaction from any lie.

Two sole weights (20g & 3g) can be interchanged to create either a higher forgiving shot to maximise carry distance or a lower spinning more penetrating flight for maximum power. A 475 stainless steel face insert maximises face flex to increase ball speeds and carry distance.    

Cobra’s King F7 Fairway: Our verdict

Our testers unanimously agreed Cobra’s F7 driver and hybrid offer very strong performance and represent a sound value for money investment this year. The decision wasn’t quite so straight forward on the matching F7 fairway though.

Our test pro wasn’t sold on the squashed wide head of the Cobra King F7 Fairway wood as he felt its size was a bit clumsy for hitting shots off closely mown turf, and the head had a tendency to fall a little closed at address. But both amateurs thought the head was an excellent blend of size and forgiveness, reckoning club golfers would be buoyed by the shallow wide design particularly if hitting from the tee. Switching the 20g sole weight to the front port made a negligible difference (250rpm of spin) without really affecting the overall launch or carry distance.

Cobra King F7 Fairway

Cobra’s King F7 Fairway: Bottom line

We reckon lots of club golfers would welcome the Cobra Kinf F7 fairway into their bag as for amateurs it’s a really good design. Baffler rails have been around since the 70’s and whilst we can’t prove they help you get shots airborne, they do mean lots of mass is located very low in the head.

With Rickie Fowler having a baffler specifically made to flight shots higher into Augusta’s par 5’s, says there’s at least some proof in the pudding.


Product Information

Lofts:   3-4 wood 13° - 16°, 5-6 wood 17° - 20°, 7-8 wood 21° - 24°

Stock shaft: Fujikura Pro 65

Adjustable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: 3° (with three draw settings)

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