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Cobra Golf’s four-model King RADSPEED fairway wood family has Radial Weighting and a CNC Infinity face to optimise ball speed and distance no matter how you swing.

Personalised performance doesn’t stop at just drivers these days. Brands have now identified three products are needed to best fit golfers for their driver, so it’s highly likley those same players have similar needs when it comes to fairway woods.

Cobra have used the same radial weighting idea that’s in their 2021 King RADSPEED drivers to create four new optimised RADSPEED fairway woods.

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Cobra King RADSPEED Fairway Wood


RRP: £229

Lofts: 3W – 14.5° / 5W – 18.5°/ 7W – 22.5°

Hollow Baffler rails in the sole free up extra mass so the RADSPEED has 16g of weight stacked at the front and 7g at the back of its head. Cobra say the weight combination and head size generate a low spinning, high-launching ball flight.

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Cobra King RADSPEED Tour and Big Tour Fairway Wood


RRP: £229

Lofts: 3W – 14° / 5W 17.5°

The Big Tour’s slightly bigger profile (it’s the largest RADSPEED fairway wood head at 173cc), deeper face and lack of sole rails will make it a great choice from the tee; with 23g of weight stacked at the front it generates fast ball speeds with low launch and spin. The smaller, more compact Tour head is designed to be more workable.

Verdict: Cobra RAD Speed Big Tour Fairway Wood

If you’re the type of above average swing speed player who hits a lot of fairway woods from the tee, the Big Tour can do a really decent job for you. As you’d expect with any tour-level offering, the head sits really nicely at address, and despite the name it’s not actually that big.

The Big Tour was joint fourth longest in our 2021 Fairway Wood Test and only dropped four more yards than our best for carry protection.

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Cobra King RADSPEED Draw Fairway Wood


RRP: £229

Lofts: 3W – 14.5° / 5W – 18.5° / 7W – 22.5°

A shallower face and 16g of draw weighting help flight shots higher and straighter from the turf for golfers who struggle with a slice. Cobra say the new hollow Baffler Rails are such a benefit to turf interaction they retain 2.3mph more club speed and add eight-plus yards (over the competition) depending on your swing speed.   

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What you need to know about the Cobra King RADSPEED fairway woods

Extreme weighting

Radial weighting is a story all about the strategic placement of weight relative to the centre of gravity. Get the set-up right like Cobra say they have and it’s possible to unlock forgiveness, flight direction and of course optimal distance for your personal swing.


Each of the RADSPEED fairway’s has 23g of sole weight positioned either forward to lower spin (Tour and Big Tour), split between the front and back (standard RADSPEED) or towards the heel and back (Draw).    

CNC Inifinity Face

Cobra have CNC Milled their driver faces for a while now but this is the first time they’ve used an Infinity Face on a fairway wood. We like how it means you get a similar look to your driver.


In terms of performance Cobra say the tech increases the area that’s milled by 95%. And that means more consistent precsion between heads (as it’s five times more accurate than traditional hand polishing), which leads to higher smash factors when shots are hit away from the centre and extra ball speed.    

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Hollow split sole rails

At one point Cobra’s business was built around Baffler rails. The idea behind the tech was that it lowered the centre of gravity deeper than other brands could manage, which was thanks to the weight that was tied up within them. The RADSPEED has hollow rails which Cobra says gives 70% more face flex from toe to heel, which of course does no harm at all when it comes to maximising ball speed.   


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Thin-Ply carbon crown

It’s just not possible to come up with a radical weight strategy like Cobra have if you don’t start by shedding mass from somewhere. Cobra started with the crown, shaving 30% of the previous models mass just by using a new thinner carbon. The idea freed up 6g for repositioning.


Horses for courses

Cobra Golf’s RADSPEED story doesn’t stop at different fairway wood weight set-ups. In fact there’s different head sizes and face depths to give golfers what they actually need to launch shots from the tee and turf. The Tour head is smallest and, whilst the Big Tour is the largest in terms of volume, the standard and draw heads actually give the largest, most confidence-inspiring appearance at address.   

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Product Information

Cobra King RADSPEED Fairway Wood

RRP: £229

Lofts: 3W - 14.5° / 5W - 18.5°/ 7W - 22.5°

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 1.5° with three Draw settings)

Cobra King RADSPEED Tour and Big Tour Fairway Woods

RRP: £229

Lofts: 3W - 14° / 5W 17.5°

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 1.5° with three Draw settings)

Cobra King RADSPEED Draw Fairway Wood

RRP: £229

Lofts: 3W - 14.5° / 5W - 18.5° / 7W - 22.5°

Adjustable hosel: Yes (+/- 1.5° with three Draw settings)

RADSPEED Stock shafts


Low Launch / Low Spin - Fujikura Motore X F1

Mid Launch / Mid Spin - Fujikura Motore X F3

High launch / Mid Spin - Project X Even Flow Riptide


Cobra Lamkin Crossline Connect - Arccos enabled

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