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Ping G SF Tec Fairway Review: Tech

The Ping G SF Tec Fairway has all the same aerodynamic performance and carpenter steel face tech as Ping’s G fairway but with extra heel weighting, a lighter swingweight and higher lofts to help golfers who typically miss shots to the right.   

Ping G SF Tec Fairway Video Review

Ping G SF Tec Fairway Review: Our verdict

The head shape of the Ping G SF-Tec Fairway is both wider and more squashed than Ping’s standard G fairway wood, which should help playability.  We’ve got to admit our data certainly supports the theory.

We saw a 2mph rise in club speed thanks to the lighter swing weight of the Ping G SF Tec Fairway, and a 500rpm increase in spin (which is partly down to the extra loft) which for golfers who struggle to launch fairways off the deck would mean increased carry distance. The head sits really square at address which in our opinion is absolutely key to getting the club into the very golfers hands who really need the game improving tech it delivers. 

Ping G SF Tec Fairway

Ping G SF Tec Fairway: Bottom line

We love how the SF-TEC doesn’t look like a “Game Improvement” club but Ping have stealthily snuck in some great game improving tech. If you struggle staying away from the right side of the golf course they’re well worth your attention.

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2016 Ping G SF-Tec Fairway Review


Product Information

Lofts: #3 16deg / #5 19deg

Stock shafts: Alta 65 High Balance Point

Adjustable hosel: Yes

How much loft change: +/- 1deg

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