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Ping’s latest G410 fairway woods are geared to help golfers achieve higher launch and less spin from the turf

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Within the new G410 fairway wood family Ping have really focused on how to deliver solid contact and give the golfer a lot more confidence. They shallowed the face of the G410 compared to the G400 to help golfers hit higher on the face, which equates to higher launch in order to reach what Ping call ‘peak distance potential’.

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They moved the Centre of Gravity (CG) down to help align the CG for better contact to deliver more ball speed and spin reduction (around 300rpm less) to help golfers with maximise carry and overall distance, which they estimate to be a 5 yard gain over the previous model.

In the traditional G410 model they have the 3, 5, 7, 9 woods, which also helps the brand from a custom fitting point to determine where the fairway wood can help golfers fit a wood in to their set. 

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Ping G410 Fairway Wood

A new Trajectory tuning has expanded to a +/- 1.5 degrees of loft change which will help golfers get the ideal balance between club and loft for trajectory and spin. In a nutshell it means you can use between a 3 wood and a 5 wood to fit someone to a 4 wood very easily.

They have also adjusted the colour, it’s still a dark grey but not as dark as the G400 and has a matt finish to help frame the clubhead.

G410 Fairway Wood Review: TG Verdict

Don’t be put off by Ping’s insistence that a 3-wood needs 14.5° of loft. Admittedly, the lack of loft, and Ping’s squashed fairway wood head design, aren’t the most desirable out there, but thanks to some very clever tech and a shallow head design they really do work, and are just as capable launching shots from the turf as slightly higher lofted models.

Our launch monitor data positions the G410 among the higher launching models, which ties in perfectly with how our test pro felt shots launched high and fast, making them an excellent choice for ying hazards and getting shots to stop or for long par 3s. Ping’s 2019 fairway line runs to three models. There’s plenty of lofts, plus a lower spinning LST model as well as a lighter, more draw biased SFT.

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G410 SFT Fairway Wood

The G410 SFT has the roundest, largest profile of the three fairway woods in the range, to help the player focus on hitting that straight-flight with the club and increase the MOI.  It’s offered in a 3,5 and 7 wood.

The internal CG positioning is towards the heel to help golfers naturally turn the clubhead over and be able to really overcome the slice and need that correction.

The machined, high density back weight is far back and to the extreme to promote seeing the highest inertia fairway woods that Ping can deliver.

Ping G410 Fairway Wood

The loft of the G410 SFT fairway woods are slightly higher compared to what they offer in the traditional model, to help the golfer get maximum trajectory. A lighter swing-weight is present in the SFT, which overall lighter build, and combines with the higher loft of the clubhead to help with accuracy and distance by letting players swing faster but get the clubhead turned over at impact.

Why we use a Foresight GC Quad launch monitor

Foresight GC Quad

G410 LST Fairway Wood

The G410 LST is a new model for the G410 family, which is a replacement for the G400 stretch. It’s a smaller fairway wood which is more pear-shaped and is focused on balancing low spin and higher launch trajectory to help players who generate an abundance of spin.

Compared to the Stretch (which is 13 degrees), Ping made the G410 LST 14.5. Their goal was to have a higher lofted club that provided a higher trajectory but still delivers the same ball speed you would get in the Stretch at 13 degrees. 

They are expecting a lot of Tour players to put this in play this year as the smaller profile means it can go through the turf and a lot of different conditions better than the larger, oversized profile.

Watch: How it works – Ping G410 fairway wood

Key Features

Maraging Steel Face
To maximise distance PING has employed C300 maraging steel as the face material. One of the strongest alloys in the world, maraging steel is commonly used in the aerospace industry, where strength and flexibility are necessities. It’s those properties that also make it an ideal face material to deliver more flexing for faster ball speeds that launch shots further and higher.

“With maraging steel, we have a material that allows us to go extremely thin with the face to give us the faster ball-speed gains we’re seeking for more distance and higher launch. The results have been amazing as we’re seeing face flexing equal to the thickness of the face,” said Solheim.

Tungsten Weight
A low-back CG and high-density tungsten weight positioned at the extreme boundary of the head provides greater stability and forgiveness

Adjustable Hosel 
The addition of a patented, eight-setting adjustable hosel which is lightweight and aerodynamic, offers loft (0, +1⁰, +1.5⁰, -1⁰, -1.5⁰) and lie adjustments (including up to 3⁰ flatter than standard) to optimise ball flight.

Product Information

  • RRP: £275
  • Lofts: 3 - 14.5°/ 5 - 17.5°/ 7 - 20.5°/ 9 - 23.5°
  • SFT Lofts: 3 - 16°/ 5 - 19° / 7 - 22°
  • LST Loft: 3 - 14.5°
  • Stock shaft: Ping Alta CB or Ping Tour
  • Adjustable hosel: Yes


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