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Today’s Golfer Fairway Wood Test 2011


Tested: August 2011
Testing panel:
Stuart Priestley (Belfry Pro)
Michael Gow (HCP 7)
David Connor (HCP 10)
Alan Doodson (HCP 17)

White fairway woods and hybrids are all the rage. In fact, we tested five white-headed woods, but none was better than the original – TaylorMade’s standard-setting R11. Stuart is not a fan of white heads and said it was the only thing stopping him giving it a perfect score for looks because he loved the head shape.

He was impressed with the performance off the tee and the fairway and liked the bigger clubface which offered excellent forgiveness. He felt it was suitable for high and low handicap golfers because there is nothing to be intimidated about – while
offering plenty of versatility.

Michael also loved the looks and the shape of the head and he said he felt extremely confident with it off the tee, although he admitted he expected it to be a bit more forgiving than it was.

But he still recorded excellent distance and dispersion stats, which added to the R11’s high marks across the board. This was clearly the best performer for David as he recorded better distance and dispersion stats than any other club on test.

In fact, the only thing he marked it down on was half a mark on looks because he thought the clubhead looked a touch larger than he would have liked. Other than that he gave it full marks and loved the powerful feel off the face.

Distance: 4.4
Dispersion: 4.4
Looks: 4.4
Feel: 4.6
Forgiveness: 4.4
Tee: 4.4
Fairway: 4.4

The TaylorMade R11 Fairway Wood produces out of this world results on the golf course. With the ability to adjust the golf ball trajectory by up to 60 yards side to side, and backspin by up to 1000 rpm, TaylorMade has produced a fairway wood which can be used to the max by any golfer.

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